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  1. We are #1 for views in the state of Illinois. SWEET! www.myspace.com/elephant9 Take a look and a listen and tell me what you think.
  2. Kevin


    I get swass like crazy also.
  3. wow...as if the drum section wasnt the best section to begin with...now this. There is a god.
  4. Kevin

    Bass pedal

    What he said.
  5. Kevin

    how u play songs

    I never use tabs
  6. Kevin

    Beginners drumkit

    I don't think she got it.
  7. I have the 14" Mastersounds with the brilliant finish and they are great. I love them.
  8. Kevin

    Emperor X

    Havent tried it with my whole kit yet...but it sounds damn good alone.
  9. Kevin

    Emperor X

    I just bought a Studio X. I had to go to 3 fucking stores to get it. I was pissed. I haven't put it on yet. I'll update later with my opnion
  10. I had a 17" projection but it cracked. Its the best cymbal I've ever played.
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