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  1. anything by adele. she has an amazing voice
  2. favorite rapper hes amazing musically and lyrically. community is an amazing show as well that hes apart of. seeing him live was amazing, some of his songs live are as good as in studio
  3. george carlin lewis black mitch hedberg donald glover aziz anzari david cross don rickles rodney dangerfield i gotta listen to louis ck and richard pryor more, but they are highly a recommend. carlin is my favorite all time
  4. liked it alot, garfield was a great peter parker/spiderman. only criticism was lizard should have been human size like the fox series, seemed to big imo i would love to see carnage in the next spider man movie.
  5. loved it, my favorite of the trilogy. i thought anne hathaway as catwoman was awesome and the ending was perfect and real
  6. aliens more formidable than the first
  7. sounds like frank in its always sunny lol
  8. here's the trailer http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=90532
  9. annie carried a gun because she lived in a bad neighborhood as she said in the conspiracy episode as well as other eps
  10. like yvette has said in interviews, id like to see shirley and troy have a storyline together since they havent done much. and troy/britta has to happen at some point with all the tension we see of them like we did with jeff/annie.
  11. considering that the new showrunners are from happy endings (very good show btw and also produced by russo bros.), itll be an interesting take for season 4.
  12. i will say that while its on Fridays ,they won't have the competition that they had in the 8pm slot on thursdays which was killer. I know its a graveyard slot but with the fanbase community has, im sure theyll follow it including dvr/hulu. Im sure they can/will get a back nine to get full 22 episodes when some of the new shows may not work out and if so, they could get moved out of the friday slot for the midseason schedule. just my two cents.
  13. .Derek.

    The NHL thread

    they got good depth and more time for joel ward. had a quiet year .
  14. .Derek.

    The NHL thread

    rangers-devils is going to be awesome, i called it before the second round started. gonna be great seeing two teams i grew up watching in the eastern conference finals. gonna be a great series. also, props to holtby for stepping up big time for the caps. went to a hershey bears game while he was in the minors but he was on the bench that night. looks like caps may have their goaltender with neuvirth as backup.
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