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  1. yeah so far my least favourite
  2. Its just any excuse to rag on him it seems. I would get it if it was impacting performance but its just a way to be a whinge.
  3. lol so explain to me how so? He sings the words, doesn't get them wrong? You're right that's awful.
  4. He used the prompter on the is this thing cursed tour also and all the shows ive seen him at. Its not like its negatively affecting his performance.
  5. You know Matt uses a teleprompter in Alk shows also yeah
  6. Since Neighbourhoods dropped ive taken this band and side projects and all of its members as it is rather than what i expect them to be.
  7. I dont mind either song tbh.
  8. Mark recently said party song wasnt going to be played so doubt it.
  9. Its very different the verses and chorus are very catchy. I miss guitars. Can definitely see why they would choose this as the lead single.
  10. so i added something somewhere if people know where to look?
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