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  1. Yeah thats the guy i want back in blink.........
  2. That doesnt sound like an opinion. He hasn't "proven" anything. He has had greater output in numbers and in like 5 albums and 3 EP's you can frankenstein maybe 1.5 decent albums out of it (however thats my opinion)
  3. Did he go deaf for tone after 2005, His live tone is garbage
  4. I think Sirens is one of Tom's best songs from everything he has been apart of. Above that you said it was fact he was the most talented. Its not fact its opinion. Tom sold more copies of WDNTW than WYHSB for sure. I honestly think thats because he hyped it saying it was the 2nd coming of christ more than anything.
  5. Again your stating opinions as fact. Tom himself has said that after love part 2 all of the albums sounded the same. To me playing one album back to front, post 03 +44 is miles ahead. That's the beauty of opinions you can have your own.
  6. He uses a teleprompter even on his Alk songs. Id rather a teleprompter and someone who can sing in key than someone who mumbles the words when he likely cant remember and sound like a dying giraffe.
  7. If only your username was Mark182222. I still think more passion and talented songwriting exists on +44 than anything after it. Boxcar was an amazing album as was Self Titled clearly. But since 03, my opinion sits with +44 as the best album any of them has done since 03. So opinion is one thing, fact as you list is another.
  8. So...first show is soon? Wonder how they will fill the time
  9. Good song. But nah prefer Skiba by a mile
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