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  1. They would very easily sell out our smaller 5k venues due to blink name alone from the chatter ive seen on the melbourne bands in town page.
  2. We are talking about Mark. I 100% am behind Travis not wanting to fly and respect that as someone who also fears flying with much less of a reason to. Blink last toured with travis in 2004 in Aus. Their last tour was with Brooks and the previous time Mark was out with +44 Gil filled in as Travis had just broken his arm.
  3. Travis hasnt been here since 2004. They toured with Gil Sherones and Brooks Wackerman previously. Im mostly annoyed that hes fine flying to the UK for acoustic shows but not Australia. Flight time difference is 3 hours. Sad for us as the second country that essentially broke them.
  4. LM3 is great fun, preferred it over dark moon
  5. Yeah, It was a bummer, but we accept it. Im shitty that theirs apparently no way Blink can come to Aus when Marks coming her for simple creatures in a month...So play acoustic shows do the same shit you do in the UK...for a band that says Australia where a big part of them taking off its a bit of a kick in the face they havent been here since 2013.
  6. Darkside sounds good.
  7. Well sucks they arent coming to Australia because of Travis flying. Though they have done it before and they go to the UK...that sucks balls
  8. Tom isnt a technically gifted guitarist...hes gifted at being able to write catchy riff's. You don't need to be Eddie Van Halen if you can belt out catchy punchy riffs like Tom did.
  9. Get PES its 10x better NQAT
  10. Blink is my favourite band, but Skiba is a mile better in Alk.
  11. Just commenting to say i love your new avatar
  12. whoa someones out of tune for darkside
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