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  1. i didnt see the live stream but from that instagram video... Matt getting Thiccccccc
  2. Dark Souls is tough yeah but its tough in a way that you learn for it not to be which is why i loved it. For example oh fuck i died to that attack, you now know ok when i get him to half health he starts shooting fire i should move back etc. It definitely isnt for everyone as you can be very confused on what to do haha
  3. Its essentially Dark Souls Lite....until the final boss when the difficulty spikes insanely
  4. Back from Japan, got myself a copy of the album there with out of my head
  5. @Ghent do you want to start a new topic for spoilers and keep this one spoiler free. That way i can post my review in there
  6. Seeing this at midnight Wednesday night. Then flying out to Japan for 3 weeks a few hours later...im going to be wrecked. Ill post up my thoughts whilst waiting at the airport haha. I am VERY intruiged to see how this finishes and I think ill likely find the most interest in what plots they dont close out.
  7. I saw bad religion last week, they are great.
  8. Well Tom's voice has gone back from a semi respectable 5 or 6 out of 10 to the 2 or 3 he usually is.
  9. Also they brought pierre from simple plan out to do id do anything. That was cool
  10. Went to the DJ show last night with Mark and Alex.. It was really fun. They just sung along to their greatest hits from blink / ATL and did some simple creatures stuff. Only about 100 people there.
  11. that was the plan for Thursday evening before booking this anyways
  12. Got tickets to the DJ set. Though its way past my bedtime!
  13. They would very easily sell out our smaller 5k venues due to blink name alone from the chatter ive seen on the melbourne bands in town page.
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