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  1. 7.5 album. Some great some very skippable. Theres no huge highs and big lows like neighborhoods though
  2. Got my vinyl, spinning it now. Needs feldman.
  3. ive spent more time in the US than AUS unfortunately last few months...shit country
  4. Woo my threads still going. Managed to get a steam deck imported and love it. Look forward to version 2 in a few years. Played hogwarts fully and now playing marvel midnight suns which is way better than expected
  5. Melbourne and Sydney adding 4th shows fml my wallet is cry
  6. nikki and i prob gonna do the double triple 2 melb 2 syd 2 bris
  7. need a bro to post the audio so i can sleep
  8. yeah i thank jeebus that we dont seem to have variable pricing in Aus
  9. its post covid pricing. Think in 2012 they were about 120 each so not toooo nuts
  10. VIP seating in Melb and QLD and A Seating in Syd
  11. Congrats! im anxiously awaiting ticket buying tomorrow. 6 for Melb, 5 Syd and 4 Bris
  12. For the aussies in here. My plan is to get tix to melb/syd/bris
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