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  1. Still would have been cool to see all of this
  2. Im sorry but the Clone Wars tv show has some of the best star wars content period. This comes from someone who watches this shit religiously. The Clone Wars got dark as fuck and had entire episodes based around things you wouldnt even think of and it was genius. The episode with the clones who were essentially mentally or physiclly disabled due to the cloning process and how they had to defend their base almost had me in tears by the end.
  3. Been playing monster hunter world quite fun. My first one. Dragonball fighterz is amazing to look at but I'm not great at fighting games
  4. Binged Big Mouth, it was alright i guess, definitely trying to capture the Rick and Morty crowd i think.
  5. ah thats awesome. Hopefully not as shitty as their last "live" dvd that was clearly re recorded in a studio haha
  6. wasnt he the one making fun of tom in thje emails?
  7. Ghost is a champ he always has a link to anything haha.
  8. i mostly use mine as a street fighter 2 machine lol
  9. Havent been in here a while...fkn sucks we are doing so shite. Need a proper kicking
  10. to be fair his Joker is amazing. Id probably put his Joker above him as Luke...especially after TLJ
  11. Just picked up the 3rd HP illustrated hardback...using the excuse ill read it to my goddaughter in a few years...its really for me
  12. havent played overwatch in AGES. Should create a blink-182online discord for gaming in fact ive just done it. My internet is quite good so id be able to play with you guys. https://discord.gg/nTZzh8U Feel free to join.
  13. I wouldnt be surprised if its asking Travis to drum on the ever elusive strange times album. I think even Tom knows he isnt going back.
  14. Yeah im hearing underwhelming things. Im still playing through my game of the year (Horizon) at the end of the expansion now. Will tackle Zelda after that
  15. was awesome watching the camden video. Tom put on a better performance there. Really shows how his voice changed over the years after.
  16. There is a limit to the number you can put on and it obviously voids your warranty. Also Nintendo are restocking shortly from what i understand so the need to import should be excluded for those who can wait a bit. Also NeoGAF has died with the owner being outed for sexual harassment and assualt the mods all left and the place has essentially burnt down with the servers going offline.
  17. Tom the pornstar would make good money...id donate a lot more than 200 to see him get railed by ron jeremy. Its not gay, its for science purposes.
  18. but is there or isnt there a money room?
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