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  1. You decide, here's the line up Saturday Paramore Angels & Airwaves Serj Tankian Rise Against Avenged Sevenfold Bad Religion Linkin Park Sunday Spoon Feist Silversun Pickups The Shins Modest Mouse Jimmy Eat World Muse
  2. Yup. They should do more acoustic music in the future instead of the spacey crap. That would be awesome if Tom made an album full of songs like What Went Wrong, and Letters to God
  3. There's some http://www.lyricsmania.com/lyrics/expensive_taste_lyrics_14760/
  4. thanks for reminding me about this, can't wait to see Muse and Jimmy eat world
  5. Really catchy song and i also liked the video, what's your band's myspace?
  6. yup an album Kut U Up- Pulled Over http://www.amazon.com/Pulled-Over-Kut-U-Up/dp/B00009Y3LU/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1196820002&sr=8-1
  7. Oliver you should tell Craig if it's true that mark fakes having fun when he is onstage
  8. the music industry is a completely different ballgame now 200,000 records does not = 7 million plus there's another dude to share it with also I reckon they made a good portion of their wealth off of their tours, and their merch, their endorsement deals, their private corporate shows, their clothes, it all adds up. Also you really can't get the full picture from the houses people live in or the cars they drive, it doesn't give a good picture as to how much they actually have in the bank. Also I personally think if someone doesn't interfere soon, Tom will lose a great deal of his wealth on his AVA ideas or his "business". Hiring a bloated staff full of your friends and family based on nepotism instead of credible merit is very bad business. edit: oops just realized you included Pete Wentz. I'm not really sure how his deal with Decaydence records works, like if he gets profits from signing P!ATD and how much he gets from that. I don't know, if someone knows please respond. Think about it this way. Let's suppose he did crack the 6 figures this year. Do you think he will be able to sustain that again next year? Do you think, given the ever falling album sales trend, the fact that most of +44's sales were based on blink's reputation, that they'll be able to sell as many albums next time, or that they'll be able to sell as many tickets? Doubtful. And what does he have to fall back if all this band stuff doesn't work out? Imagine being 30 and having no income, no relevant skills for a "real" job, or something as basic as insurance. Think about the practically guaranteed raises you will receive by his age, and the ones after that, the benefits you are guaranteed, the security in knowing you won't be going from __k a year to 0k a year anytime soon. also, check your PMs All very true! No doubt that people like Pete Wentz, Tom Delonge, Billie Joe etc are muti millionaires many times over, especially Billie Joe. So I just don't like it when people constantly say they don't make much. It's stupid. Puffy Daddy or whatever is worth $400 million. Now I know he gets MUCH more then these guys of course, but it just shows, I mean these guys are rich and thats it. Craig is a different story and you are totally right about him. He might have made a lot this year, but next year he might not kae anything. I am sure he cracked the 6 figure mark this year, he had to of. I think he feels guilty too, which was demonstrated in his blog, and that's fine. I got nothing against him. At least he has a conscience about unlike people like Billie Joe. I think he is a cool guy and he proved that now. I don't think that's fair to say that he did volunteer in New Orleans http://www.greenday.net/no.html
  9. I like your music, you have some great influences
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