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  1. Same for me bro however dinos have a special place in my heart so I can't tell you guys that I will not watch it when it comes out nor that I will hate it because I love this type of movie. I just wanted them to take the story to a different direction where dinos are actually dangerous untamed animals and maybe by "recreating" them and putting them again in the nature it could affect the balance of the earth ecosystem ... something like this ... more real and dangerous.
  2. Back to the forum once again ... Impressive how it pulls me back every now and then! Last time here was a couple of years ago (I think). Anyway, guys! Calm the fuck down! Probably it is the first day in studio and they have money enough to spend days in it just to experiment songs and things like that. Unfortunately, for people just like me, we have to gather money for a whole year to get into one , with all songs completely finished, and record it as fast as possible. I will always love Blink and they still have my respect but honestly, I don't expect great songs from them anymore. Not
  3. Actually I think Tom wants to do everything at the same time and keep the quality expectacular and yet he doesn't accomplish and finish anything... Write Books, Novels, Make Music... You have to choose my friend!
  4. Me too! Actually a lot of people complained about they not getting a producer last time. I think this was a critical point in order to get Blink back on track
  5. You people need to start overthinking everything Tom, Mark, Travis, Matt or anyone posts on the internet. The fact is that one actually knows what has happened or is hapenning behind the curtains. I read the whole post and I didn't notice anything bad about it related to Blink, Feldmann, Mark or Travis. What I noticed is that Tom wishes the best to Blink and is tired of people relating or comparing his work with Blink. I know that it's his legacy but he wants to move on and want people to do the same. I read in another forum that Travis was interviewed by a radio called RadioX and he told
  6. Actually I'm from Brazil and I can't stand these fans! They simply just don't quit! Blink will never play here and by the time the concert promoters realize they should bring them and they actually accept it (if by some miracule it happens), Blink will be already done here. Actually they have a good number of fans here enough to sold out a whole arena, but Travis would never accept it. Talking about the t-shirts: love blink but have the merch! It's kindda gay and designed for kids who still didn't find their identity. A simple shirt with BLINK-182 on it would be awesome just like this AC
  7. Actually I'll be getting my blink smiley on my right arm over the next weeks. I thought about it tons of time and actually I always wanted to do something related to Blink. IN the past I used to think that maybe Blink could be just a phase in my life, something temporary but as I get older, the more I want it! I started listening to them when I was 15 and now I'm almost 28 years old. Actually Blink brings back some good memories of my life and their songs were always with me (even in the lowest or the highest parts of my life). As soon as I get it I will take a photo and post it here for you g
  8. Hahaha Good point! However it's natural that some of us feel embarrassed to admit in public that we like this or that song. We shouldn't be however this happens very often. This is the kind of thing that doens't define who we are but society likes to judge people based on stupid things like that. Actually I didn't actually feel ashamed about that, I just wanted to make a point that the song grew on me. At first you see four kids trying to be cool and all that shit and you think: "Mehhhh" ... But after I listened I kinda enjoyed it.
  9. If you take a look at the music scene with Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Nicky Minaj and all other sh*t that comes along the way, 5SOS isn't that bad. I have to admit that I was kind of ashamed for hearing their music on my Ipod but honestly it grew on me. I like very much their music and actually don't care if they're gonna to stay relevant for only one year or two as long as they keep making music like this. She looks so perfect, Don't Stop, End up Here and Voodoo Doll are great from their last (not sure if it's the single one) album.
  10. Some parts of this song are really good and the melody is kind of good too but it misses the blink feeling at the end. On the other hand it impressed me by coming out of Tom - a guy that said months ago that didn't listen to music anymore and is constantly making shitty music. I must admit that I feel a little bit of hate as well. Too much time with Blink and did nothing - not even a couple of months out of Blink and now this. Hard to believe he's the victim when you see something like this. Really looking forward for Mark & Travis making new songs.
  11. Tom kind of got lost along the way over the past years. All his statements and actions really made his image going downhill. When I hear this kind of crap (sorry if anybody liked it) I feel ashamed and at the same time relieved to see that I'm not that bad at all. I respect what he've done for Blink in the past but lately there's not much to be appreciated. Honestly I'd love to help Mark and send some demos I have in my PC and see if he would turn it into real music.
  12. Not sure you're talking about me but I'm not new around here. Actually I'm following Blink-182 online since they shut down their webpage and kept only this forum.
  13. I really hope Mark, Travis and whoever join this thing make a masterpiece! They have enough talent.
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