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  1. As much as I hate to admit it, I think Liverpool needed that thrashing. They were starting to get cocky and complacent; luckily it was against someone who theoretically shouldn’t be an issue down the line but holy shit fair play to Villa.
  2. Honestly if Ole can get you into the next round he’ll have earned my complete respect.
  3. We are back boysssss! Klopp really needs to rework his system, I’m so sick of these jammy ass 4-3 wins. I’ll take it though.
  4. I think we’ll strengthen. Not to mention he gives youth a good chance. Nico Williams, and Harvey Elliot are already showing good signs of progress. I think we’ll get rid of Lovren and Sepp Van Der Berg will start getting more minutes even with Gomes and Matip; Harry Wilson is ripping it up in the championship and I know you have taken notice of Brewster as a Swansea fan. Minamino is showing flashes of progress and I think once he gets a full preseason and starts to build an understanding he will flourish. Not getting Timo was a shot in the gut but I can see the club putting out a bid for Traore. It’s honestly the cup of nations that has me stressed seeing as we lose Salah and Mane. My dream is honestly them taking the cheeky move of doing a season loan for Coutinho and just playing him in the mid three, and should we lose mane or salah we already know he can fill in one of the wing spots.
  5. I know you guys hate to see it. 😈
  6. Just a reminder, I miss you guys and the banter.
  7. It’s such bullshit man. I knew it was too fucking good to be true lmao. Only fucking Liverpool.
  8. Thank you United, you beautiful, ugly, pieces of shit.
  9. I think so too, they always turn up when they have a point to prove.
  10. Jurgen Klopp hasn’t lost over two legs once since he became our manager. I don’t think it will be an easy game but we are only one goal down and it’s at Anfield. If we can come back 3-0 against Barcelona then I have a feeling everyone is going to turn up. I feel like the media hype train broke Mo Salah though, everyone called him selfish and now he’s always looking for the pass In opportunities I’ve seen him score worldies.
  11. Despite everything, I love that universal language between most of us is, fuck City. see you later pep.
  12. ....I think I’m at a point where I can say it’s happening.
  13. Not to mention since Fergie left you guys seem to go for mediocre managers (Jose was way past his prime) with no real system, which I think has been the downfall. I’m not trying to sound like the gloating Liverpool fan but I bet if you had Klopp or pep they could have had players like Di Maria or Schweinsteiger playing a part that utilized their strengths. It’s weird that Sanchez was banging then in for Arsenal but comes to you guys and becomes a super dud. Lukaku has no first touch but the quality was there.
  14. Say what you want about United, you guys didn’t take that one lying down. I am fucking geeked for this season.
  15. Yeah it pisses me off because even if we win the league rivals are going to chalk it up to the narrative of us just being lucky with VAR. Even though Firmino was denied a goal the same way recently. I really don’t think the refs know how to use it.
  16. I really hope Gerrard elevates his managerial status to top dog because I would love to see him back in the Liverpool top seat. I do find it a bit strange that him and Klopp both signed four year extensions on the same day. I’m also happy as fuck about keeping Milner, his influence is amazing and I remember Wishing we would have signed him when he played On the wing for city against us in 2014 and bossed it.
  17. That’s what I’m talking about. I want the real rivalry back now that we are actually competing. I miss banter with you manc dicks.
  18. For the next 45 minutes I am a United fan.
  19. What the fuck was Allison doing? I would honestly not even be mad if Adrian was our first choice for the rest of the season. Something is off.
  20. I’m not trying to wind you up or anything I’m genuinely curious. Did it annoy you to see Adrian turning up for us when he was in for Allison?
  21. Gini does his job in midfield though and honestly for a good part of our last season was the only midfielder contributing with goals.
  22. Well seeing as I have no affinity to that tournament I’ll root for Wales just for you come summertime.
  23. Damn, Tottenham didn’t even wait until the new year to get rid of Poch. I wonder who they’ll have lined up.
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