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  1. The first season was kind of iffy, but it only got better after that
  2. By some miracle of God I've remained spoiler free. I want this season to be completely new to me. I read too many spoilers in the past seasons. I can't wait to see if some of my predictions are right. Right after season 5 ended, me and my brother both made "bets" on what would happen. We wrote them down and put them in an envelope so we couldn't tamper with them. I forget what some of them were though. The main question was, "What ever happened, happened" or "They can change the future." My guess was that Jughead did change the future. That lead to my second prediction: Instead of f
  3. I'm going to throw this theory out there. The bomb does change the future. Now, instead of the flashback/flashforward template, they'll flash between the two different time lines. Maybe the ones Jacob touched will retain their memory of the original time line. They'll see that everyones life on the island was actually better (Jin and Suns relationship, Sawyers character development, etc) and feel guilty about this. Another theory that goes along with this is about Aaron. Except if 815 lands, and Claire gives birth, whats to say she names it Aaron this time? I'm thinking it's another i
  4. "Last week, I told a joke about Newark, New Jersey. You may have heard about this. Yeah, I just made an offhanded joke. It was quite a good one, actually, about Newark, New Jersey. And as a result, the mayor has banned me from flying into Newark airport. So, now if I want to go to Newark, I'll just have to get there the same way everyone else does, through a series of poor choices."
  5. mmhmm, they played it on Leno expecting it to be the fourth single for the album, but they moved on before that could happen I thought they played it on Leno because Mark had a sore throat and couldn't play Adams Song.
  6. I can't find where you change it anymore. I'm either really tired or really retarded or really both.
  7. I think your Kristen Bell sig puts you in a perpetual bad mood
  8. Imaging buying all these shirts, then having to do the pain in the ass that is putting an auction on ebay (taking the time to do it, bad buyers, running to the post office/ups, etc) in the hopes that you can get your money back. Yeah, it would be a risk. I'll do it this weekend if you front the money, but I see you have others making the same offer. I already got ripped off by Dylan, so I'm not about to take any more risks.
  9. Life told him "too fucking bad"
  10. Of course you don't have to buy it, but that's not the point really. No, that is the point. You are acting like Blink are doing something horrible to their fans. In the end, it's a toy bunny that you have the option of buying. Why put more than 3 seconds of thought into it?
  11. You know, you don't have to buy it. And for the VIP tickets, do you want them to charge $5 for them so there's 3,000 fans who get to meet them at each show? The price is to limit the amount of people. Besides, Blink probably has zero control on the prices. They work for a record label, and that label wants all the money it can get. They don't give a shit about what Mark, Tom, or Travis has to say about it.
  12. Every show I've been to their bus has been way in back behind security, fences, etc.
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