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  1. Maaaan, Mark had cancer? Oh no. So sad. Glad to hear he was declared cancer-free. Oh my, right in the feels. Man, we're getting old. I got into Blink when I was 10 years old in 1999. That was 22 years ago. Oh no! Had some good times in here. In the early 2000s there were quite some Blink 182 fan pages going around. Not a fan of new Blink (everything after the untitled album), but they're always able to put a smile on my face. Thanks for the info. I'm reading their wiki pages to be up-to-date, lol.
  2. Haven't been here in a long time. This place still active? Cool. Any news in Blink land? A reunion on the table?
  3. Haven't been on this website a long time, damn! One of the first forums I frequently visited, back in 2003/2004.
  4. This album thoroughly fucking sucks. My god. Mark, be ashamed of yourself.
  5. That's not a nice thing to say. Go wash you mouth with soap, please. Also, this album sucks. Do what made you famous, pop punk / punk rock. This kind of music sucks. Finally, Mark is not 17 years old anymore, this is getting pathetic.
  6. Oh boy this band sucks now. Really bad.
  7. Oh boy this band sucks now. Really bad.
  8. Oh boy this band sucks now. Really bad.
  9. They're playing Pukkelpop festival in August 2019, it's practically next to where I live. Should I go? € 100 for one day. Other bands are crap. Think I'm gonna pass.
  10. Oooooooh lol, I'm such a dumbass. I'm so sorry, I thought this came out last week. It's been out since november 2018. Oops. Still, it's embarrassing.
  11. Apparently, yes. Saw it on recommended on youtube. Did you hear about this on mainstream media?
  12. WHAT in the actually fuck is this atrocity? Holy shit, Blink 182. What the fuck have you become? I'm speechless. This is just embarrissing. Shame on you Travis and Mark. Shame on you. This band sucks nowadays. I just cannot believe this happened.
  13. That is a damn impressive line-up.
  14. This song sucks. Pick up a guitar, Mark.
  15. Sum 41 is live 183 times better than Blink.
  16. You know what's funny? Back in 1999, I was 10 years old. As a little kid I heard What's My Age Again and I was sold. 20 years later, turning 30 in april, I'm still following this band from time to time lol. Haven't listened to them in almost 2 years (we grow up, heard the songs 578481 times..). Visited this website first back in 2003. That's 16 years. Crazy man.
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