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  1. Can anyone DM me to, please?
  2. His wife? I read on wiki that his friend Tregen died..
  3. Mark wrote the riff to HYL. Watch the Cheetah vids. One of the best riffs on untitled imo..
  4. New The Dangerous summer record is the best music i have heard in a long time!
  5. Can't believe how childish they are. This reminds me of how my little sister and her ex-boyfriend acted when they where breaking up and getting back togheter.. Unfollowing, following, unfollowing, following
  6. Om not on Instagram so i cant listen to it.. Is that the whole song?
  7. You heard clips from the new album?
  8. What song did he collab with 21 pilots on?
  9. The new The Dangerous Summer album! Fucking awesome?
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