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  1. Track called the best is yet to come http://www.myspace.com/exceptionmusic tell me what you think! thank you
  2. i would hate playing live to a click... i guess thats why they are professionals
  3. it's somethin you gotta do if you don't know how to do it yourself get the guitar set up for about 60 bucks i myself paid a bit more ..like 100 bucks CAD to get it set up plus my frets filed down...it's worth it.......well actually not really but still its something that needs to be done
  4. in my opinion for any type of music with some sort of distortion i like gettin a chunky sound when palm muting always have your bass set to around 8 or 9 i have mid at 5 treble at 7
  5. man i had the marshall mg100hdfx and it fucking sucks.... wanna know the reason why i bought it? cause i was stupid as a fuckin 14 year old and wanted a "half stack" if your lookin for the same price range the BEST bet is to get a peavey windsor head..... it is an all tube head and you can get it for 300 bucks on muscians friend i have one and i can easily get great blink/greenday tones its not meant for metal since its meant to be a vintage head i can easily get a tone from an earlier marshall jcm 800 except im not paying out the ass for it the cabinet for the windsor is really good and cheap as well but i went and bought a 1960a by marshall which is kinda pricy. . please take this advice!
  6. i agree like obviously about you is the worst recorded there and its our best song trust me haha we're hittin a pretty good studio in two weeks im so glad you told me that
  7. Peavey windsor head < - - - GREAT PRICE GREAT SOUND marshall 1960a cab two epiphone sgs hahahaa
  8. i'm in the same boat hahahah maybe like 6 years but yea your shit sounds aight
  9. recordings sound good music isn't original too much shit like you guys but oh well
  10. http://www.myspace.com/exceptionmusic Hey dudes this is my band... Take it back is our newest recorded song so yea tell me whatchu think... thanks
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