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  1. I saw that this morning and immediately thought of you! So sad!
  2. How do you think the crowd has responded compared to 2009 though?
  3. Instead of whinging and bitching about delays let’s enjoy some nice wholesomeness: Our boys are back and they’re in love with it again.
  4. That person Tom said that too also said a song a month until October. If we don’t get shit this June then something is fishy.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Csl87B-I4nM/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== 2me4irl
  6. Enema and untitled for sure but anniversary shows aren’t for the casuals really. They’re more for the diehards which would definitely love some toypaj. Also sleeping in Cheshire Cat is far too common in this place. Such a shame. It’s a great record.
  7. This wouldn’t surprise me either tbh. Some minor tweaking to these songs already done for flow with the final album but yeah. I’d say a few are definitely done.
  8. I remember somebody asking mark why there wasn’t anything for Toypajs 20th and he’s like “does anybody even like that record that much?” Or something along those lines.
  9. I’ve heard your stuff. I know the skys the limit for you! But just for now it’s a hobby and not a job. One day though, one day…
  10. Maybe. If Travis is producing might streamline the rest of the process? Don’t really know.
  11. It takes as long as it needs but these are professionals. It’s literally their job to do it. They’ll be working full time at it to get it done unlike you who’ll be doing it in spare time so it’ll definitely be a lot quicker. 1-2 days on each song maybe?
  12. I don’t think so. Annoyed me too but such a minor inconvenience it’s not too bad. That sounds sick! I feel bad for how I’ve ignored Jedi Survivor but it just came out at the worst possible time. Xbc3 dlc followed by TotK and then FF16. I don’t think I’ll get around to picking it up until a few months away.
  13. Yeah that’s a really good part of the game. Think you actually need to complete them all to finish so best to do them as you come across them.
  14. Imagine if they just say fuck it and give us the hookshot for DLC. Would be best ever.
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