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  1. How do Spotify live streams work? If you don’t catch it live are you fucked unless someone rips it?
  2. Tom playing first date after shitting on that song in particular for years in interviews and onstage. Sad.
  3. Scotts basically saying all it would take for him to him to cheat on his wife, the mother of his children, is a few women throwing themselves at him. What a lucky lady.
  4. Definitely. “The Tom DeLonge Thread: Telepromter edition” would be more fitting.
  5. Nah not good enough. Give us your whole story or you’re just fishing for attention.
  6. The same Tombot has just reported that Tom was seen at multiple times during the date to be looking down at his crotch at what has now been confirmed as a pocket sized Teleprompter displaying key takeaways from Coach Corey Wayne’s “How to be a 3% man”. The man has so many projects going on it’s understandable.
  7. Hahah! A fucking telepromter and barely anyone has an issue. #ItsOkayWhenTomDoesIt
  8. Yeah that’s too close to the first one. Hardly seems special now. Atleast we got it cheaper!
  9. It’s not out till the 20th but games leak early and with a hacked switch you can take advantage of that. I never played the original so I’m excited to play this version. There’s this weird blur effect they put in around the edges of the screen though which is really jarring.
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