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  1. I couldn’t get into this album at all. I struggled through it the first time and haven’t gone back.
  2. he’s got 10 years on you mate and he still looks younger.
  3. Oh yeah I totally believe there will be a traditional Sinnoh remake. I just think it’ll come after lets go johto. Your argument about the Pokédex makes no sense now though. Sword and shield are not compatible with the national Pokédex. Masuda said this at E3. So just like how let’s go had the kanto awe regional dex, sword and shield have galar regional dex and that’s it. Sword and Shield are not compatible with the dex before it so then there the same as let’s go in that regard.
  4. I think there’s a very good chance the next games will be Let’s go Johto rather than sinnoh remakes. It seems a likely pattern they will follow would be let’s go style then traditional then let’s go again etc. Keeps the long time fans happy and the new fans happy. And I know you don’t agree with it, but you gotta remember Gamefreak does consider the Let’s go games as core main series titles. Not spin offs or side games.
  5. There is some real black lash this time around though about the fact you can’t bring all your previous mons into the game. The treehouse videos dislikes outnumber the likes, it was trending on both US and Japanese twitter and especially since Masuda said it’s because they are rushing the game to have it out I don’t think the hate is gonna get any quieter.
  6. Just listened on spotify. Not that impressed with this one. I didnt hate it. Bridge sounds like it was pasted in from another song. Could still grow on me though.
  7. MDL is probably my favourite MCS album. I love it.
  8. Botw2 looks so good. Stoked to get a chance to play Witcher 3 on my switch as I’ve never played it before. Pokemon news is disappointing. Nintendo needs to take it away from gamefreak.
  9. If you’re gonna make a post having a go at skiba atleast stick to your guns and stick it out even if it makes you look dumb. You’re in shambles pal. Your posts reek of desperation lately. Take a break. Recoup.
  10. Lol at jan deleting her last post. Realised how stupid it was. Classic
  11. So setlist is most likely enema + bored to death, rock show, feelin this, I miss you family reunion and dammit. Mark really needs to embrace the new songs and play them.
  12. I might just pirate the 3ds game and see how it goes. See if it’ll get me excited for the switch version
  13. @...Dan... you see squares conference? FF7 remake split over two discs. Game looks unreal. edit: I fucked up. Apparently Midgard alone is two discs and the first part to be released in March and the rest coming later. Game is going to be massive.
  14. Doesn’t excite me too much from the description haha. I’ll check out the gameplay from the previous game and see if it does anything for me. Is it purely single player?
  15. That secret show is being promoted by a different radio station though. Seems weird to promote it via kroq.
  16. Can someone explain animal crossing to me? What kind of game is it?
  17. I’m excited to see what Square Enix shows for there avengers game aswell as FF7 remake. But I’m mainly just keen for Nintendo. Never played an animal crossing so no hype there for that but hoping for some big things from them.
  18. I’m 95% sure I’m right. I’m at work so I can’t go sussing clips to find them but im pretty sure the Blizzcon show shows it the most. YouTube it.
  19. If I remember right you could even hear the album vocals being played over the speakers during the untitled shows.
  20. Poor bloke has absolutely nothing better to do with his time. Quite sad really. Would almost feel sorry for him if he wasn’t such a knob.
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