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  1. No more guns sounds like a green day song lol. Fun though. Automatic is pretty good. fire in nameless town is meh.
  2. Post the link davey. Go full 1997 on us and fuck the system.
  3. Yeah I dunno. It’s definitely not out out for everyone to grab. I find Daves story a little suss cause hasitleaked.com isn’t reporting anything and they definitely have people on the trackers
  4. Torrent sites that are invite only and then they have all these strict rules etc. Full of tossers but they do usually get stuff early although most of it ends up elsewhere pretty quick.
  5. Yeah songs not bad. It’s not really that good either. Tom sounds weird on it.
  6. seems no one did. Didn’t even know it was rumoured to come out today.
  7. You’re experience is exactly how I felt when I started replaying lol. Didn’t think it was anywhere near as bad as I remembered, found fucking around in the tank fun. Then I hit a moment and I hated it again.
  8. I replayed this very recently but couldn’t finish it. Too much batmobile tank shit. I’m like 97% near the end but I gotta destroy like 50 tanks and I just can’t be fucked.
  9. I couldn’t finish Fallen Order. Got bored midway through. I’ll probably eventually pick it up again.
  10. I bought a Wii u the other day so expect Zelda HD and XBCX to be announced for the switch any day now.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTvQqS9FDda/?utm_medium=copy_link this sounds cool.
  12. You really think Mark asked Tom to post screenshots of their text conversations? Cmon dude.
  13. Ps5 is for sick Cunts anyway. Only dweebs go for Xbox.
  14. Seems like something @Cheerios4u98 would do.
  15. Apparently it’s a launch exclusive so will likely eventually come to Xbox/PC. No idea when though.
  16. Knights of the Old Republic remake announced for PS5. fuck yes. Never played the original but have always wanted too since everybody says it’s the best Star Wars game story.
  17. I don’t hate it but I don’t really like it either.
  18. That’s decent. As @Speedosaid though I reckon he’s full of it.
  19. Woke up. This thread was last loaded before I went to bed. 96 new replies notification comes up. Fuck yes must be big blink news. Refresh. First post from Diddy having a melt down. Fuck.
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