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  1. Try some fudge. My nuts taste better with fudge.
  2. Anyone else pre-gaming? About to put on Urethra Chronicles 1 to kick this off. Might go Big Day out after that, then UC2, followed by album launch and finally Coachella and should get pretty close to kick off time.
  3. Can I ban another mod? Asking for a friend.
  4. Have to agree. Last night was perfect. No need to overkill.
  5. Jan is legit a bit of an Ava bot. -talks about neighbourhoods like it’s the best -sucked off rebel girl so hard it took the skin off -has a shit haircut like Tom did when he started Ava
  6. Just cracked my first beer. Let’s fucking go!
  7. Okay guys WHAT THE FUCK? I know we’re all excited about the new song but HOW THE FUCK did we miss this!?!?
  8. Same here. Edging was so long ago this honestly feels like the first song we’re actually hearing.
  9. I believe my balls are in the best hands possible. Thank you @Kay
  10. @Kay get your photoshop skills to work. Make it subtle but cool
  11. If @Ghent Lvl 9.5 has any edge left in him then he’ll put my balls into the banner for the next 48 hours to fuck with the Reddit tourists
  12. My balls > any new blink song just being real
  13. Outrageous. That’s such a great live song.
  14. I’ve been listening to it since midnight. I’m nearly all out of tears. It’s very emotional. Tom’s skiba shoutout in the 3rd verse was very unexpected.
  15. Just woke up. Anybody still need a link?
  16. It’s like watching a car crash. You don’t want to stare but you can’t look away.
  17. I sent the video to my wife when it came out too. She gets up way later than me so I was already at work and I’m like “watch this It’s so hype omg” and she replied later “oh so good! Woo!”. Mentioned it a few times that night and she was like “yeah so good” etc. Decided to watch it again before bed tonight. Get to the part where Mark mentions a vocal coach after chemo and she’s like “oh wow that’s so interesting, I wouldn’t of thought that” and I’m like “ wait what the fuck? How did you only just notice this now? Did you even watch it?” And no. She turned it off like 30 seconds in and then lied to me about watching it. I can’t even get my wife on my hype levels. Anyone know a good divorce lawyer?
  18. Outside of that bloke that leaked the lyrics, tdguitarllayer or whatever, what makes any of these other people believable? Not doubting since seems that guy says more or less the same but could others just be hanging on his clout?
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