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  1. Based on the last we heard from him he is. He did an interview a couple of months ago saying basically the same that Travis recently said. Waiting for Mark to be 100% right and then when they call him he’ll be jumping straight in.
  2. Travis did an interview just recently where he basically said they’re just waiting for mark to be 100% right mentally after all the shit he’s gone through before beginning to do blink again.
  3. Sorry, not casual as in people that only know the radio hits but people that aren’t die-hard fans that are getting into the band. Jan was under the illusion people checking out all the albums would just skip/not notice Cheshire just because.
  4. Jan likes to pretend Cheshire doesn’t exist. Tried to convince us once that casual fans knew Cheshire less than neighbourhoods just because, completely ignoring the fact Cheshire had songs on the greatest hits etc.
  5. Ava movement has a very low bar for qualifies as “visually stunning”
  6. “shit! People aren’t falling for it this time.. I know!! I’ll mention Mark and blink! That’ll get them onboard!”
  7. Yeah I think if 2005 Tom had pitched those ideas while they were at the peak of their creativity and fame that Mark and Travis would have been very open to it. Instead it was 2011+ Tom who had just half assed the entire blink reunion so Mark and Travis gave it a pass and I can’t blame them.
  8. Sorry poor wording on my part. Meant only the bigger Tombots are still falling for this crap.
  9. Tombots on Reddit are actually trying got defend this shit. Cunts.
  10. Keep this cunt out of blink all I gotta say. Don’t want him trying this shit with that band.
  11. Yeah it definitely could’ve been helped by being longer. I enjoyed it though.
  12. I think it’s old. I listened to a bit on Instagram and it seemed like it was from around when Lifeforms came out.
  13. I still really enjoy Cali every time I put it on. I notice the faults more a bit more now but still really enjoy the songs.
  14. https://thehardtimes.net/culture/im-a-spooky-boy-mutters-matt-skiba-repeatedly-while-staring-at-self-in-a-cracked-mirror/?fbclid=IwAR17xIDtUqx-RcMVOxLHBjDEIHUDRGGBkHl6My8ebflcOreIx0ayBmZnGLE#l1q22hodjmhz18svd3b
  15. Best emo SONG not best emo BAND. Bands that don’t traditionally fit as “emo” can still write songs that fit in with the genre.
  16. You’re so last summer might be my favourite TBS song. At least on TAYF. The acoustic version on the live acoustic album is so damn good.
  17. Nice! I never got Barrett’s chapter 14 resolution. I just couldn’t do those arm moving things on the way to the party town again. Fuck what a slog of a section.
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