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  1. Taint didn’t say this. Where’d you see it kibbles?
  2. Anytime Casey and Oliver went at it Oliver would call Casey a fake lawyer,
  3. Lol italia has been denying anything was likely to happen for ages. Now that it seems more than likely he’s trying to act like he was in the know. What a cunt.
  4. Is Diddy calling Casey a fake lawyer an Oliver throwback or just a coincidence?
  5. You gotta assume it means Matt is still in the band. No way Tom drops everything else he has going and commits to that much blink stuff. 4 piece when everyone is available. 3 piece when Tom isn’t. Is it normal? Nope. But might be the best we get.
  6. I could’ve sworn what I’m hearing in that YouTube link is the exact same from what was linked in this post: kibbles even mentions 2 posts later about panic fucking him over with that and fuck live nation etc but the link leads nowhere now so can’t check back. either way I’m trusting that Tate bloke tbh.
  7. This is that same thing from like 2 weeks ago right ?
  8. This JT bloke does seem more in the know but everybody else is just piggybacking off his shit to try and be the guy that gets it right.
  9. I’m honestly getting on board with the hype a little since this Tate bloke seems so absolutely sure and he’s not a total nobody. But this is just so bad lmao. Every cunt on the Reddit is trying to be the guy who guesses something right and this is no different.
  10. Where’s the 11th coming from? Just a guess since that more or less lines up with mid October?
  11. Diddy’s dick has some weight to it. Wouldn’t surprise me if that bad boy could bend space and time.
  12. Yeah new girls are good. Aegon is really good too.
  13. I haven’t watched this yet but I feel like this is just a problem in general with tv shows these days. Outside of sitcoms and episodic comedies I find myself always having to have subtitles on to understand what’s going on.
  14. Been playing Deathloop lately. Fun game. Pretty cool concept. Also picked up cyberpunk cause I could get it for nothing. Watching that edgerunners anime atm then I’ll fire that up and see what it is like.
  15. Don’t really see how he seems miserable in the band. What shows this? Always seems like he’s having a great time with them.
  16. I knew nothing about goldfinger growing up outside of 99 red balloons. Weren’t huge in my circle at all but everybody knew alk3.
  17. Only the spam posts in threads where they had no relevance were hidden. The “trolling” was left up in the threads where it’s at least relevant.
  18. I got bored of it too. I played it for quite a while and it’s probably my own fault for trying to do everything and then getting burnt out. But I never managed to finish it. Even tried picking it up again recently and did a few missions before dropping it again.
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