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  1. It's Saturday night and i planned on doing nothing but drinking beer and watching star wars at home. But then my internet died so now its all gone to shit.

    1. not the worst here

      not the worst here

      :_( You can still have beer though right?

  2. Pickle gate was exactly what the boards needed. Really brought everybody together.

  3. And she's live! Check out Page 4 of the Coight vs Kyle Botbm thread. 

  4. Australian Outback tip #1:

    Never go into the outback without a decent supply of water, and the general rule for how much you'll need is three litres per day, per person, per man, per degree over 25 degrees celcius, per kilometre if walking on foot, in the winter months dividing it by two, plus another litre at the end.

    1. Speedo


      I only need 1 liter and its all pee from there! 

  5. sports back. fuck yeah cunts

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