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  1. I’ll let you know as soon as I get into! Remind me when it finishes lol
  2. I’m all for those types of stories set in the Star Wars universe so you’ve got me very excited.
  3. I’ve had people show me her thumb before. How do so many people know what her thumb looks like?
  4. Yeah nice so did I. Was at work and saw the preorders went up early here so fucked off to the dunny so I could get one with no distractions lol. Sweet I’ll give ya an add when I get home.
  5. You got a ps5? Pretty good aye. What’s your ps username thing? We can be friends.
  6. I think that’s finally it. Might have to unfollow.
  7. Really enjoying how they’re acknowledging Matt and not just pretending he wasn’t in the band.
  8. Oh I wasn’t calling you a liar. Just airing my astonishment that they could actually have rules like that.
  9. Lmao fuck. I couldn’t afford the last set. Maybe these won’t sell out asap and I can get a cheaper seat down the road.
  10. Lmao are you serious? That’s some fucked up shit right there.
  11. Mate you were absolutely out of control and you know it!
  12. Davey called out a bunch of people because they had the audacity to visit Mark’s discord and solely refer to this Jake bloke as just a mod of the discord. Davey swooped in and let us know his real job and how much it annoys him when people visit/talk about the discord without knowing who everybody is.
  13. Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s the full thing. Finally watching it now. This is so great.
  14. Hopefully someone jumped on midway through the first recording and got the last half and we can just merge these.
  15. First 40 minutes. Hopefully the rest pops up soon.
  16. Mark should be happy for fans to get to see cool things like this. It’s not like he’s got any plans to do anything with it. Fuck it and let the fans enjoy.
  17. Hoping someone recorded it. Even if it’s nothing special it’s still pretty cool.
  18. Is this still the first showing or is he replaying it? I saw him say the runtime was 50ish minutes in the chat and that timeframe would’ve passed by now right?
  19. I’m at work so can’t watch but it’s not the blinkumentary right? Wrong time period. Possibly a UC3 that was never released because they broke up?
  20. https://instagram.com/stories/whenwewereyoungfest/2955001158931852995?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Seems like a fair amount of wind. Feel like there would definitely be some danger.
  21. Making of video was cool. Hope these guys stick around and do more with blink. Seems to gel well.
  22. Ooof that was close. Kept trying for 4 floor tickets to Sydney night #2 but getting knocked back saying too many. Changed it to 3 and got in. Absolutely frothing. sorry @No Burgers, For You -Jan. I tried. I really did. If anyone bails I’ll let you know.
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