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  1. You should really try it. It’s a lot of fun.
  2. If I don’t hear one Simple Creatures song I riot.
  3. I often say it is the best ”Angels and Airwaves” album
  4. Wasting time full version would be amazing. But the acoustic version was also amazing. I’d be happy with either tbh.
  5. Yeah I got tickets to the first show. Which one you gonna prioritise tomorrow. If you miss out on first and sometime between now and 2024 my mate balls I’ll hit you up first haha.
  6. Yep that would be awesome. Even pull out some of the pre-feldy tracks we know are living on a hard drive. No reason we couldn’t hear them on a new project that isn’t blink.
  7. Do it mate. It’ll be fun. I’ll be buying 2 tickets to the second show. One for me and my GF but if you make it over here her ticket is yours. Two nights in a row is a bit much for her lol.
  8. Thanks man! I’ll definitely be getting tickets to the second Sydney show. Maybe Melbourne too if I can convince my mate. Come on over. I’ll buy you a ticket. You just get flights. Prob cheaper than what you’d pay over there.
  9. Matt is the best. Good interview.
  10. I’m not ruling it out but would be super surprised if something happened this soon. But who knows? With the way things are going at the moment anything is possible really.
  11. Chris Tolkien hates Jackson’s trilogy which is pretty much close to perfect. I honestly don’t put too much faith in the Tolkien estate to understand what is necessarily good for telling this worlds story. Obvious they’re not completely clueless. Apparently Netflix wanted to make a MCU type situation with an Aragorn show, Gandalf show etc which wouldn’t have worked imo. But to withhold such a large amount of story rights from the people they did trust to make a show just feels dumb.
  12. At this point if we don’t get a 4 piece song or at least a live performance with Matt coming out for a few songs I’ll be very surprised. There is no hard feelings here. Everyone seems to be good with each other. It’s an opportunity they’d be stupid to squander.
  13. Nope. They were only given the rights to the Lord of the Rings and the Appendices. They’ve had to make up stuff to fill in the blanks for that age which isn’t included in that stuff. Thats why so many Tolkien purists have gone hate on the show. The 2nd age is covered a lot more in the Silmarilliom than it is in the Appendices.
  14. It’s fucking working now I’ll tell ya that. Dicks been at full mast since I read that Twitter/Instagram post
  15. Tom is the master of hype. I’m into it. First class ticket on the hype train.
  16. Song has developed into a “banger”. Fucking love it. Been stuck in my head all day.
  17. I’m gonna miss Skiba too. That era was still blink for me so while different and obviously not the same I still loved it all. And don’t worry about using Zoomer lingo. @Nasa is a baby too so you two can zoom it up all over the place.
  18. It’s great. Last episode was awesome. Excited for season 2 whenever that may be.
  19. This place is like an old persons home.
  20. Love it. So much fun. Amazing to see these boys just fucking around and having fun together. Mark is such a Dad looking cunt these days haha.
  21. Yeah that reunion announcement in August was huge. Weird they decided to do it again this week though.
  22. Some people are just desperate for there to be an issue for some reason.
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