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  1. I heard Built This Pool, Brohemian Rhapsody and Can't Get You More Pregnant about 6/7 weeks before the initial leak. Music Video directors/production companies get them ahead of time to pitch ideas but it's just a very respectful industry of not leaking or discussing... mainly as we'd fuck our relationships with commissioners. Brohemian Rhapsody was originally called something else and they were going to release three studio videos for those tracks and were asking to be pitched ideas. Was pretty low budget though.
  2. True but they do have the second EP recorded too so I assume they'll play a few tracks from that alongside a "Trash-pop" cover of the Cure or something... or they'll do a horrible electronic version of Whats My Age Again...
  3. I'll take Pharrell over Feldy right about now.
  4. Inteteresting Travis liked it despite not following Tom. I would love to be a fly on the wall in the blink camp to know how much this stuff gets discussed when Tom does this shit ha.
  5. You can still own and have shares in a company without being a director of the company. That document basically implies that Tom can't have any creative control over blink. One of the other documents from early 2000's had Tom as CEO and CFO with Mark as secretary and Travis absent.
  6. Assume it's just filing Mark and Travis as the operating directors of the company, as Tom can still own a 1/3 of it.
  7. The Wishing Well riff was meant for AVA from one of his modlife videos I believe.
  8. +44 meets Alkaline Trio is what should happen next with a couple of upbeat songs for radio.
  9. Disappointing should have put out an EP of just 4/5 songs.
  10. 7 Album Vinyl Box Set coming next month. AKA: The Keep Tom Happy Boxset https://chorus.fm/news/geffenume-to-release-blink-182-seven-album-vinyl-box-set/
  11. This is still one of my favourite performances. First time Obvious was played. Last time Tom played a start too (well Leeds the next day). Such an amazing period. First time I ever saw blink too.
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