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  1. I have it in white. Bought it in 2005 or 06. Since then, I have recorded all my band's albums and played like 70 live shows with it. Amazing bass. Congrats!
  2. December 6th with the Album. There is no leak yet.
  3. Amazing melodies. Can't wait to hear the studio version. I really enjoy The Chainsmoker's production. Btw: You can really hear the difference in the quality of vocals between the two
  4. I wonder how much money Tom made with California and the shows they played with Matt. Probably more than Matt.
  5. I am not saying that "Parking Lot" is an exceptionally good song but where does the hate come from? Lyrics?
  6. all four now online on their official account
  7. https://www.yahoo.com/news/hacking-group-apos-anonymous-apos-203223469.html Any connection to Tom's big announcement?
  8. MH 4.18.2011 clearly. So dull. Btw, Blink isnt playing one single song from Neighborhoods on their current tour in Europe....
  9. I remember. You're right. Exciting times.
  10. I actually met Leo by accident in a club in Frankfurt. You can imagine how weird that was... . I think he was with a guy from Italy that tried to look like Travis. As far as I remeber he works as a geriatric nurse or something like that. But that also was a few years ago...
  11. Still waiting for WDNTW Acoustic...
  12. Haha, thats crazy. That is my regular morning Show. It is a state tv Station and pretty much the most famous in Germany. Good for them that they got on there...
  13. Same here. I never understood the hate. Love the song. Good hook, interesting arrangements
  14. Where can I watch the full thing? the embedded video in this thread does not work for me for some reason.
  15. Close call between EISF and Snake Charmer. EISF
  16. i have been obsessed with "left alone" since the release. best track on the album.
  17. Yeah. That's what I've figured. More time to make some money at the tables thanks
  18. Thanks. The stupid DJ probably starts at 7:30‽
  19. Does someone know when blink started last night in Vegas? I'm going tonight & don't want to show up too early. Doors open at 6:30 & I'm thinking about being there at 8. Don't care for a day to remember. Would like to see AAR though.
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