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  1. i didn't see anyone mention it here yet but i guess blink is playing enema anniversary shows at those back to the beach events.
  2. this is album is going to be reeeeeally fucking bad.
  3. gotta love when suburban white guys sing like caribbean reggae artists
  4. i think travis is just boring. i listen to rogan like every day at work because he's so good at just shooting the shit with people. some conversations last four hours.
  5. travis is going on joe rogan in like 10 mins
  6. This Sum 41 hate is lame. i don't think they've had a good album since Chuck but at least they aren't hiring pop song writers to make albums for them. Also, their tours sell insanely well and they still manage to rake in plenty of new/younger fans. Not to mention their live performance rules. They've got a good thing going for them.
  7. i'm not interested in blink but i'm interested in tom working with travis on something separate
  8. matt and mark have interacted on instagram quite a few times since people mentioned him unfollowing blink's page. i don't see anything unusual about him unfollowing the page at all. its super annoying to look at.
  9. i guess it's possible that he has one of those guitars at his personal studio and it gets used for all of the other shit he works on. i want them to be working together on something but mark would freak out
  10. travis just posted an instagram story of his drum sticks next to tom's gibson
  11. i wish they would release the version of PLG without the rap. it sounds like someone who is really good with protools could just cut it out and dissolve it, right? travis literally just drum rolls through that whole part
  12. it's all of the other songwriters they've hired that make me more skeptical. not just feldmann. at least with him, it seemed like he was just occasionally sneaking his ideas in to their writing process. these other people were hired specifically to write their songs.
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