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  1. mark's response to it was weak. tom was probably told to take his down. travis didn't say shit.
  2. apparently AFI is doing one arena show in LA for an album anniversary and the dynamic pricing bullshit has pit tickets at $1000. this is a band that's not even at a blink/paramore/tswift level with "casual" fans.
  3. i think even if the album dropped in the spring the vinyl won't ship until the end of next year anyway. people need to stop judging anything based on that. they are not doing a world tour without the new album hype behind it.
  4. what are charts even based on these days? it is based on radio play or is it spotify streams? nobody is buying singles and radio play is pretty much paid for.
  5. i haven't listened to the song since the week it came out. kind of a bummer
  6. it's been a month since edging dropped. i don't care if they're still recording but if they don't plan on teasing anything else soon, this whole thing is gonna lose steam.
  7. if i was rich, i'd go with a personal trainer and a personal chef before the hair transplant
  8. i truly have no idea and based my guess on how he treats everything else he makes public. it's also weird that whenever he posts about his kids, which is rare, the photos of them together are nearly 15 years old. mark and travis are a lot more public about their family life i guess. tom only posts about his new wife and their houses
  9. i'd actually put money on tom being a shitty dad lol. this is purely speculation but he seems like a guy who is too absorbed in his TTS nonsense to make an effort anywhere else. then every few years, he shows up with million dollar gifts thinking it makes up for his absence. can't imagine the divorce helped.
  10. tom paid him a shit load of money to be his manager so i wouldn't expect him to act any other way. he's not going to act in the best interest of mark and travis when they chose to part ways and hire their own individual managers.
  11. but if everyone goes to buy tickets the week of, wouldn't that technically make them "high demand" all over again and skyrocket the prices? just doesn't seem like there's a way around it.
  12. i have a feeling blink will be dropping shows or playing half empty arenas unless they somehow lower the prices of what's left over. not sure how they can do that with dynamic pricing though. sounds like you get one or the other and can't suddenly change it to set prices just because the other method failed.
  13. yeah but it's like they spent a year asking "what is blink 182?" instead of just writing music. then, feldmann came in and said "blink 182 is all time low" and they agreed for some reason.
  14. i think mark and matt could make an awesome album but maybe the pressure of needing to be blink 182 ruined that. anyone who was excited about skiba joining wanted alkaline 44 and would have been fine with it.
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