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  1. It was an awesome show. I was right next to him when he went walking through the stands during the There Is speech. Damn security molested me... lol

    Was the 99x thing open to the public or was it a freeloader contest or what?

    idk i wasnt aware that they did anything with 99x. this kid i know says tom was like 5 feet away from him and is like proud of being within 5 feet of tom delonge. i think my brother was within 5 ft of travis last year and didnt make that big of a deal. he made a deal about touching his drum case that still had 'blink-182' written all over it though

    Haha. I had worn my blink shirt under my AvA shirt for some reason, and at the time, had the blink shirt visible... Since I was in the aisle seat, Tom saw it... kind of an odd look followed.

  2. Haha. I knew I had an account here for some time, but I didn't realise it had been for a year. And I only have 7 posts, how does that happen? Anyways, I mainly post over at PunkDisasters, but I'm gonna start hanging out with you cool dudes as well.

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