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Found 7 results

  1. What settings would I use to get the same guitar tone as heard in Dude Ranch (particularly Dammit, Josie and Untitled)?
  2. Today, I acquired one of Mark’s basses on an internet auction via his Reverb Store. This bass is from his personal collection, and it will be shipped with a certificate of authenticity and ownership, signed by the man himself, Mark Hoppus. I blew just about all of my money on this bass, so if anybody is legitimately interested in owning one of Mark’s basses, let me know! :-)
  3. For the people that have built a Tom Delonge sticker strat, I'm curious to know what pots you used for the volume & tones? Originally Tom's strat would of had three single coils so would of had three 250k pots, but I wonder if they would of been left in when the pickups were changed or if the volume was changed to a 500k as there was the x2n humbucker in the bridge & usually you would use a 500k with a humbucker! What did you guys use as the difference in pots would change the sound of the pickups quite a bit, so I'm curious to what your thoughts are & to know what to use for mine?! Some people prefer 250k's or 300k's to 500k's in single coils & or humbuckers & vice versa, I just don't know what to try & dont wanna end up with it sounded not quite right..or am I just being mega anal?! I hope some of what I've put makes sence to some of you!!
  4. With regards to Tom's sticker strat, does anybody know how often he switched to the Seymour Duncan Hot Rail in the neck position? Did it contribute to much of his sound back then or was it rarely used? Any info or pics would be great! Even a list of songs that you might think are using the hot rails Thanks, Gary
  5. Yeah, my friend's band has this really cool song and I want to play it for him to surprise him. A little help please? I'd appreciate it. The Song: Tripping Sirens-Your Last Breath (Music Video): http://youtu.be/HTsbxxAogXU
  6. Hey guys, my band Pseudoname from Columbus, OH preformed our first show a couple weeks ago at the Shrunken Head where we won the Bridging the Music Local Band Showcase. In our seven song set we covered Third Eye Blind's iconic song "Jumper". We're really psyched with how our rendition played out, including a sick solo at the end of the video by our guitarist Josh. Take a look and we'd love to know what you all think! (solo begins at 2:16) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38uv9vy-VBg Follow us of Twitter: https://twitter.com/PseudonameBand and download our free EP at http://pseudoname.bandcamp.com
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