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Found 9 results

  1. Been a long time! let's get back on it - So far I've done the major albums, but there's a lot of songs that I've left out. I'm not going to include covers or joke songs, just things from Flyswatter, Buddha and the EP. (For this instance, all the ones that appear on both buddha and flyswatter I'm just doing the buddha versions, all of those that aren't on both and aren't covers is included) I've also thrown in random ones like tracks from they came to conquer uranus, the christmas song, other old nuggets and DED because I totally forgot about it. Vote for the worst, the worst two go towards the final! (let me know if I've missed any tracks or if I've included some that are covers that I thought were originals...not sure on Red Skies).
  2. I got off work early today so, let's get started. took out the joke tracks, rest are as normal. the deluxe will be done the same way (all tracks bar pregnant) and then it'll be the clean up round, followed by the GRAND FINAL! Make your votes people! Personally I'm going with She's Out Of Her Mind. still hate that song with the fire of a thousand suns.
  3. Mmk Removed bored to death acoustic and the joke track, so just 10 tracks. personally I dislike most of these equally so I'm not sure what I'm voting for yet.
  4. Mmk, as requested I removed The Fallen Interlude. initially I was going to include it because I was only removing straight up filler joke songs, but after some comments from people in the last round I decided to leave it out (to be honest it *is* the obvious choice) I also added Not Now, mentally I put it in that record and I imagine a lot of ya'll do too. Have at it kids, it'll be up until probably Tuesday due to my schedule so don't argue nshesaid. also - I voted Down. I still hate that song.
  5. Well, this should be a much easier round for all involved! I'll be doing the Californias in two rounds, as theres so many tracks, but I will be removing the 3 joke tracks. I will then do a final round of 'older songs and half of buddha and whatevers missing' so there will be 9 rounds in total, and then there will be the big final of all the songs together. soooo 10. 10 in total. Lets go!
  6. Right okay, I've left off the joke bonus tracks, as well as Happy Holidays You Bastard because thats a straight up joke song. So this is the main record sans that, plus What Went Wrong, Dont Tell Me That Its Over and Time To Break Up. I imagine there'll be issues with this decision but tough titties kids, have fun!
  7. I'm going straight to Enema for now, may make the last round the other songs that don't fit (so the half of buddha that isnt on cheshire, and other notable but unfitting tracks). I've also added Man Overboard, because I'm not using the live album in this ranking (as its you know... live versions of the same songs) and it needs to go somewhere, Enema is the logical place... plus lets be honest, no one is voting Man Overboard. So have at it. although personally I cannot think of a song I could negatively vote for apart from All The Small Things. Seriously, overplayed to death.
  8. Scott nagged, I was waiting for the levels of Deluxe hype to go down a little. Okie dokie, vote for the one you think is the worst song on the record (I'll put them all in this time - the only pure 'joke' song in this is degenerate and its still a full real song so it seems dumb to leave it out) and the highest 2 will go through to the finals. I would like some ideas though, do I need to do one for Buddha or not? as some of the tracks are on Cheshire I'm not sure how sensible it is to do, especially if people will just vote Strings again. give me your thoughts.
  9. @Scott. neighborhoods vs california game was fun, so I wanted to test something. Lets try and work out which is the worst blink-182 song of all time. to make it easier to quantify, I am automatically removing any purely joke songs (so in this round that gets rid of Ben Wah Balls, Depends and Just About Done) mostly because I think people would defer to those options if they're unsure, and I think it's a bit of a cop out. I will also make it easier by just doing it by official releases, so all the 'official' albums and the EP (I will not include MTATS because its obviously all the same stuff). By the time we get through all the records I imagine Deluxe would be out enough for us to all have an opinion. After each poll I will pick the top 2 most voted, and then put them together for one giant loser competition, to combat one terrible song on a record just being caught short by another one. so lets get started! Cheshire Cat, vote for your worst!
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