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Found 2 results

  1. Here is the amazing project that the rad people here such as @daveyjones, @Q182, @blinkstillrules and @Ry-Bread as well as myself have been focused on the research, the history and the timeline of Tom's sticker strat that he used starting October 1994 up until November 1997 where he took off all the stickers from his guitar (most probably during the Lagwagon European tour 1997). Here is in video form on how to replicate the guitar by the forum legends @Ry-Bread and @daveyjones! Ryan's Journey to recreate his own personal Tom replica! Part 1 : Research Part 2 : Application of the stickers Here is a timeline with rare pictures and rare footage of the guitar in action on page 41! If you see or have any pictures that are missing on the timeline, please send me a PM and I'll add them to the timeline to have the most-up-to date timeline, this timeline is constantly being updated! https://www.instagram.com/p/CManL2XBlQV/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CNQ4n9TB2lk/ Board legend and historian @daveyjones now has the most accurate replica of the famous sticker strat (a Fender 40th anniversary strat from 1994 the same one like Tom!)
  2. http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1538341/why-so-many-bands-leaving-warped-tour.jhtml I think the end of Warped Tour 2006 marked the begin of the decline. I don't know why exactly. Steven's Untitled Rock show was still kicking and Fuse still played music that was worth watching. AP magazine was getting bigger and bigger. Fueled By Ramen was high off of FOB and P!ATD's success that would eventually lead to Gym Class Heroes, The Academy Is.., and finally Paramore's huge success. But it also was just a reminder of how much this had all changed. Maybe it's just my own bias. I'm sure it is, considering I was about to go to college, my music taste changed a bit, and scenes give out eventually. But I think this is a pretty hilarious article. Sonny Moore is now Skrillex and richer than everybody on Warped Tour combined. NOFX is still somehow around. Thursday is gone. Every Time I Die and MCS are both around. MeWithoutYou is kind of around, I guess? But Underoath is dead. I don't hate them for their music, but they were a big reason why the shitty scream-metal scene got so big and began to dominate the tour/scene. Taking Back Sunday had just gone platinum and I'd say that this was the peak. Good things would come, but every year it would be less and less. Discuss? When did this scene thing come to an end or does it ever?
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