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The NHL thread

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Don Cherry is finally fucking gone. Thank god

Going to the Winter Classic. Sitting in the nosebleeds but I don't give a shit. It's the Winter Fucking Classic. So excited.

Lets go WINGS!

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go colorado! the flames better not win tonight. so go sharks.

yeah i don't think they can win, but still, GO FLAMES

haha I won't really care if they lost actually, I'm not a huge flames fan, as long as the stars are in then everything is goooooooooooood

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2-1 avssss.

sharks are still up too.

edit: 3-1 avs. duke with the hat trick!

edit 2: 3-1 final for the avs, and it's 3-1 san jose. yes! :-D

edit 3: sharks win! the avs are still alive!!

Screw the avs

Tonight, flames vs oilers

flames are gunna win

fuck this is intense haha

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lol you know those sports movies at the end the main character's team looses, then his dad says something to him

your post reminded me of one of those speeches haha

just replace them, they, and my boys with you and bam! sports drama speech

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yeah i know it was a smart move on the devils part but i feel pretty bad for you leafs fans on that one.

i don't care what anybody says about my bolts i don't see jersey knocking us out.

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