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What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

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20 hours ago, Scott. said:

Heard this on radio earlier. I haven’t heard it since I was a teen. 


Going back to this. Love those oooo ahhh backing vocals. The rap parts sound  like Brockhampton what you think @Elisa

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we gotta have this topic back....its an easy yet useful way to get posts back Brand New - Moshi Moshi

UnderOATH - I Have Ten Friends and a Crowbar..

I don't know what else The La's ever did, I don't care, this is enough 

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I hate to admit it but everything I've heard from Days N Daze I've enjoyed. I hate the whole crust punk image and these 4 look exactly how I assume they smell but the songs are decent and reminds me of early Against Me! days ... I loved those first few Against Me! demos and its nice to revisit the folk punk genre again after I swore off it when every band became the same.

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