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Recording Equipment and Questions, Advice, Etc.

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6 minutes ago, Kay said:

You want something with decent memory like 16gb, but idk if you'll get it for that money. Maybe if you can find a refurbed one? 

It'll definitely be a refurbished one. The M1 chips make it difficult to work with anything older so I'm not gonna bother getting a new one.

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27 minutes ago, Tape Worm Eclair said:

Yeah? What are the specs? 


might be a bit weaker than what you are after. We had no issues running pro tools or Logic Pro X on it. Although when recording we only ever recorded 2 mics at the same time and most of our sessions were in the 6-12 track range which had no issues when mixing/playback butI don’t know how well It would handle a full band session or recording an entire drum kit with 8 microphones at the same time.

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1 hour ago, Burgersandcole said:

Is there a thread to critique your band,  my bands really new and we sound bad but I don't know why.

We can be really mean to each other sometimes but if you want genuine feedback, share a recording and we'll give some constructive criticism. 

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