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What's your rig? - Master Thread

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from here on out, no more "post your rig", "what's your rig", "what are you running" threads. i know i've started my fair share, but this is going to be it. anyways, post your rig in here and as y

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I know you love Teles, but your Gibsons look like badass. Did you get a custom pickguard for the SG?

Well I traded the Orange for a new amp...    Mesa Boogie Mk1 Road King. Fuck yeah this is a complicated amp.  

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mesa boogie dual recto roadster, tc electronic g major 2 effects rack, ground control pro midi foot controller. i can change effects and amp channel with the push of a single button. it's pretty intense/sweet.  see attachment below.


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My current amp situation because when I got my arcade I had downsized. I am now building back up and looking to drop the MG and get another Valvestate ( I loved the hell out of that amp)




Here is what I used to have...



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epiphone dot studio w/ Seymour Duncan jb & squire strat w/ Duncan detonator -> cry baby wah -> Mxr custom badass 78 distortion -> nano clone chorus -> love pedal gen 5 echo -> orange tiny terror that goes through a custom 1x12 cab

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