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Feeling this bass Pretty similar to Life so boring (demo)

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Has anyone been on my name is mark and saw marks post about his new bass and how he compared it to his old one lettuce, well i was listening to the short 36 second track he recorded , the verse and chorus to feeling this, now i listened to it and then lstened to LIFE SO BORING (DEMO) from the enema demos, and it sounds very similar , anyone else think so

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THREAD DOESNT SUCK, its handy bit of tid bid info for people i think, and yeah many bassists play that pattern but im on about mark hoppus not other bassists, anyway i read ages ago bout 6 years go before the release of self titled, they said something that expect some awesome stuff and treats for old fans, so who knows he may have deliberatly played that part of feeling this like LIFE IS SO BORING, and yeah most of the songs sound the same pattern wise, but im talking about those accented notes he put in

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