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Mark Hoppus pics 5/30/09

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I'll try to reply to everything all at once...

Mark was so nice. I was one of the first 15 in line and he knew we had stayed there all night waiting!


He signed my hoodie and chatted a bit..he said I could have as much of the swag on the table as I wanted.. and as far as I know.. he was signing everything anyone brought. There were ALOT of people there!! The line was SO long behind us..stretching all the way down Sunset for a few blocks!


If you go to 1:05 on this vid you can see just how long it was!

He was miked up (you can see in the photo with me & Mark) and there were cameras all around them.. video & flash and all was being filmed .. for what I do not know. But it was quite intimidating.


I heard later that Mark & Pete had stayed out all night and perhaps that's why they looked knackered..idk..

I didn't expect much from Pete as I had heard he was difficult (douchy) but really he was cool.

That is the suv Mark drove up in.. I don't know if it belongs to him or not.. it had no plates.. so I'm gonna say it was probably a company vehicle.

I have also met Tom DeLonge at Warped last year and he was just as kind to me. He let me hang out while they filmed a few promo spots for FUSE TV. I have more pics on my myspace if you wanyt to go look there..


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