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Hello all, with the new season's around Europe starting in a couple of weeks and the sad death of Sir Bobby Robson I thought it would be a good time to start a new topic. Obviously Real Madrid and

Ronaldo is ridiculous. Him and Messi are the best ever. Shove Maradonna up your arse

I know Bolton play negatively but jesus, I am sick of the Bolton fans moaning about Megson.  Give him a chance, he has stabilised your club.  Even if he is not the answer you respect that you will be

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After watching Arsenal today I have decided that they are dead to the EPL. Really poor quality football.

Man Utd will probably have it this season, I don't think Man City will gel together until midseason, but I have hope, there is no denying we have some cracking players.

Haven't really been following Chelsea.

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i'm a massive united fan, i'm not sure about this season though, after loosing ronnie and tevez we aint really bought well, we should have bought more, arsenal look the same as they did last year, can't wait to see city fall on their arse!! i think chelsea are the ones to watch this season, liverpool will be nowhere to be seen, they had their chace last year and blew it!!

as for la liga, barca will walk it again, can't see madrid doing much, gonna be a great league this year though, i hope valencia do well

hope swansea city get promoted too  :-P

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Arsenal gonna batter the huns this afternoon. Hail hail

Celtic should be more concerned about getting into the Champions League...  :wink:

West Ham have looked gash of the highest order so far in pre season, need strikers!!!

yeah but u got collinson!! he is quality

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Why do we need another topic?

Read the other one.

I have to say that I am disappointed with this transfer window, other than the Real Madrid spending a month ago it has been pretty dull.

Because of Bobby Robson? Not that it matters, but you were going to make another topic for the new season anyway right?

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I think the Top 4 teams are all much weaker than last season with the exception of Chelsea. Arsenal will struggle to finish in the top four if they do not sign a high quality defender and another striker, they also badly need leaders and a big initimidating midfielder. Liverpool will struggle without Alonso, it will put further pressure on Gerrard and Torres. I also think they are weak in the centre of defence. United with obviously be weaker without Ronaldo and Tevez, they will need Owen to score a fair few goals if they want to retain the League. Valencia is a quality player but he's going to struggle to get into double figures with goals imo, he'll probably provide more assists than Ronaldo. I believe the title race will be between Chelsea and United, I wouldn't want to say who's going to win it though.

As for my team, Gary Megson has stated we need a creative midfielder at all costs. So far we have just signed defenders and a rubbish defensive midfielder. We're now being linked just to more full backs such as Danny Mills and before you ask, he is still playing supposedly. I am so pessimistic for this season it is untrue. We will be the most negative and dull side in the league by miles, we will score the least goals and have the most 0-0 draws. I think we'll finish 15th solely because of some teams in the League being shocking like Hull, Burnley, Stoke, Wigan etc but we will be in a relegation dogfight most of the season and we could easily be relegated. Kevin Davies' goals kept us up this season and there is no way he will score more than 6 or 7 this time. We'll really struggle for goals.  Oh well, at least being at Uni I won't see us loosing on match of the day, unfortunately i'm closer to the stadium and will end up going to most home games.

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La Liga will (again) be about Madrid x Barça... no fun beyond that

EPL will be interestin indeed... i don't put my money on Chelsea cos of Ancellotti... he's such a fuckin shit defensive coach! they need players... i've never trusted Anelka, and Drogba ain't the same it's been a while

Serie A will be the same... the title is always with Juve, Inter or Milan (Roma wins one per decade and Milan shouldn't trust Ronaldinho to be the man now that Kaká is gone)

i'm excited about Bundesliga! Wolfsburg really deserved the title last season, and i think Bayern has a chance with Van Gaal now... if they hold Ribéry and keep his mind in place, i don't know, but i think their team is ready for Europe this season

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Liverpool will struggle without Alonso, it will put further pressure on Gerrard and Torres. I also think they are weak in the centre of defence.

agree Alonso will be a big miss but disagree with the comment about our centre halves! perhaps we need a 4th (Distin has been linked) but barring injuries the 4th choice cb would only play the odd game and perhaps in the carling cup.Carra has so much experience in domestic and european football,Skrtel has been brilliant since he joined,real blood and thunder defender in the vidic mold and Agger is such a gifted footballer technically he could even play centre mid and not look out of place,so im pretty happy we have the right blend at the back.

the two places i think we need to strengthen are central midfield and another top striker rather than 3 or 4 very average ones.

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I think Liverpool needed Micheal Owen more then United do, Rafa admitted to being interested in him but decided not to get him. Him and Torres would have made a good partnership up front. Alonso is a massive loss for them, looks like Mascherano will be next out the door too.

Arsenal are pretty much fucked now.

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