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I agree there needs to be more regulation but these clubs are meant to be run by smart/business savvy people. It's completely ridiculous that these absolute cash cows are built on a house of cards, they make so much money yet they manage to burn through it all and still go into insane amounts of debt. 

Feel sorry for agents, I'm sure a lot of them do a great job for a fair price but then you've got parasites like Raiola who earns more than what a lot of top players do in one year by doing a single transfer. 

I think what you're saying about the Europa League and FA Cup is true from a big clubs perspective. However 95% of the teams/fans in the country would kill to win one of these competitions. I'd take the League/FA Cup over 4th this season all day long. 

I agree the new CL format is probably not needed but the owners of these clubs had no issue with more games in Europe when it came to the Super League. The big teams have big enough squads to cope with a few extra games, especially considering they play second string teams in the domestic cups. 

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Thats true but some of those smart business minded people will tend to exploit the system though or push the boundaries to the limit - its their job to make the most by doing the least. City were able to bring in £300m through an oil sponsorship to bypass FFP, how is that allowed? Clubs should only we allowed to spend what they earn in my opinion and fans should have voting rights. 

The only reason Newcastle isn't owned by Saudi blood money is because the Saudi's pulled out. UEFA could do nothing because so many clubs have ownership now. 

Even for smaller clubs now - survival is far more important than playing extra games in the FA Cup - when it used to be the greatest cup competition in the world. Look at the money you get for each round - its peanuts, i think the FA actually lowered the prize money.

I agree that the SL would mean more games too - but for £300m just for participating they would do it over the UCL where you get £17m for winning it!  I don't know the details of what these Super League guys wanted - obviously money, but it seems like there are revenue opportunities UEFA have missed on or pocketed for themselves that could go to all clubs and leagues. I agree with Perez that UEFA members should disclose their salaries/spending to the public. 

This is a good move:


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