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1 hour ago, ...Dan... said:

I was just trying to come at it from a fair angle and see both sides to be honest, try it sometime. 

You don't have to play in the same position to have a negative impact on someone elses game as well btw. 

Fernandes has never been that great for Portugal but excellent for United, Ronaldo comes into United and suddenly Fernandes looks a lot poorer, surely there at least MIGHT be something in that?

Greenwood looked great up front first few games, he is a natural finisher but he's got shunted out wide and the goals dried up.

It's ALWAYS the Ronaldo Show when he plays, everyone else is the supporting cast - whether that's good for the team or not. 

On another note, why are Man United so obsessed with the past? OGS as manager, Carrick as coach despite having no experience, bring back Fergie's assistant in Phelan, sign a 36 year old legend who is past his best, Fergie hanging around like some overbearing parent - it's just clinging onto the old glory days and trying to replicate the past rather than looking forward to create something modern and fresh.


I think what I've said is fair and you're constantly trying in vein to prove your point.

Greenwood has generally always played on the right wing for 3 seasons now. He's played 14 games this season (same as Ronaldo) - yet somehow Ronaldo is stalling his career? okay... 

Fernandes has been giving the ball away since he started at United - I've mentioned this many times before, just his goals and assists mask this huge problem. Nothing to do with Ronaldo, in fact they actually have a good understanding with each other. 

You're just weirdly obsessed with Ronaldo being a sentimental signing. imo, 90% of United problems are in defence and GK.

In your last point - overall OGS did a good job to stabilize the club, get rid of lots of deadwood and bring in some exciting players - now is a good time to pass the team over to someone else. That team did a good job overall. Most clubs have people from their past attached to the club as DoF/Coaches etc (i.e Ajax) - so kind of a mute point. 

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Aced our Europa League group as winners as well as League Cup quarter final to look forward to, it's exciting times for a team that is known for being absolute shite in cup competitions. 

Big test on Sunday against City, almost certainly gonna lose but will be happy as long as we don't disgrace ourselves. 

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1 hour ago, Scott. said:

Rangnick. Have we finally done something right? I’m more excited about him going upstairs and sorting the mess out. Fucking hell we may actually have a plan moving forward now. 

Yep - good decision. The 2 year thing was unexpected, but very much needed. His dream job apparently.


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