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Jiiiiiiii whizzzzz  :-D

I was going mental, jumping over my little brother. Commentary was amazing, he was just offside but fuck 'em.

Massive let off for United.


thats brilliant, love the commentating.

lets the air out of city's head a bit, they deserve the prem this year but good to give em a blow

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Barton didn't do anything, I thought it was very harsh.

City 4 - 0 Liverpool.

Harsh but he coulda easily had 2 yellows in the build up and he definitely put his head in, can't go doing that without expecting some form of punishment.

Also Warnock shouldn't have said the extent of stuff he said after the game, went a bit far IMO.

Bit that made me laugh was when he said, "Joey wouldn't have gone down if it was the other way round"

1) Johnson didn't go down

2) Barton and Gervinho first game of the season?

But I suppose I am gonna have a biased opinion in the matter being a Norwich fan and considering i despise Barton and Warnock. I just loved Johnson's reaction when he was at the darts after:


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