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Hello all, with the new season's around Europe starting in a couple of weeks and the sad death of Sir Bobby Robson I thought it would be a good time to start a new topic. Obviously Real Madrid and

Ronaldo is ridiculous. Him and Messi are the best ever. Shove Maradonna up your arse

I know Bolton play negatively but jesus, I am sick of the Bolton fans moaning about Megson.  Give him a chance, he has stabilised your club.  Even if he is not the answer you respect that you will be

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Joe Ledley came up big again.

Looking forward to the Champions League returning this week. Barcelona-Leverkusen and Arsenal-Milan should be two good matches. Napoli-Chelsea should be a great game too, unfortunately that's not til the following week.

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ACoN final is insane. Zambia goalkeeper took the crucial 5th penalty to send it to sudden death.

7-7 in penalties, holy shit!

KOLO TOURE HAS HIS SAVED! Zambia can win it if they make this one.....and hit it over the bar. What the fuck.

Gervinho misses (he would the bollocks  :-D ) Zambia have another chance to win it...and they do! What a fucking end to that game!

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Feel sorry for big Mick McCarthy, such a good man but I think Wolves did the right thing.

Rangers into administration

Was only a matter of time before their shady, illegal, unsporting dealings of the past 10 or 20 years caught up with them. So many league titles fraudulently won. They really are the scummiest institution in the world. They make the Libyan government look like Greenpeace.

In terms of world peace, this day is massive. Maybe not quite as big as when Hitler committed suicide, but still massive. Gonna have a big party tonight!

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Celtic fans will celebrate administration for Rangers but lets be honest, if rangers sell all their players the SPL will surely be the most boring league on the planet? one horse race every season would be diabolical (two horse isn't much better).

Couple of things, R*ngers will never die. They will always exist and it is only gonna be a matter of time before they're rearing their disgusting heads at the upper echelons of the SPL table. They may struggle for a few season but they will be back.

Also, I think (and very much hope) that other teams in the league will seize upon this opportunity. This season and next season at the very least, there will be a Champions League spot up for grabs for finishing second. That sort of scenario is practically unimaginable when Celtic and R*ngers are at full speed. A little investment now in, for example, Hearts, Aberdeen or Dundee Utd could completely turn Scottish football outside down and we could go back to the glory days of the 80s and before where teams other than Celtic or R*ngers often won the league.

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