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Hello all, with the new season's around Europe starting in a couple of weeks and the sad death of Sir Bobby Robson I thought it would be a good time to start a new topic. Obviously Real Madrid and

Ronaldo is ridiculous. Him and Messi are the best ever. Shove Maradonna up your arse

I know Bolton play negatively but jesus, I am sick of the Bolton fans moaning about Megson.  Give him a chance, he has stabilised your club.  Even if he is not the answer you respect that you will be

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I love valencia, great winger, showing why wingers are key to football in general (take notes chelsea) but Hazard would be the best signing that United could make, mark my words.  His creative force in the center of the park would take them over the top.  And he will be a success in the premier league, from watching him I can tell.  If fergie signs him it would be the greatest moment of my life, so far.

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I would love him at United, he has the potential to be one of the best in the world. But, i was talking more about Scott's point where he said Hazard was better then all our current midfielders - i'd have to disagree with that, right now (imo) Valencia is much better. Hazard could be our David Silva, now that would be exciting (especially with Tom Cleverley beside him in Midfield.

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On his day Nani is unplayable, it's just we only see that maybe 8 times a season tops lol he's frustrating where as Val is so direct, no fucking about, brute force. I bet Rooney prefers Val to Nani.

We won't sign Hazard, Fergie is a tease.

Also Roux, I bet you RVP will be a City player. he's 29, City offer him 200 grand a week there is no way he is turning that down and a chance to win trophies.

Come on United and Swansea today.

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Whilst I would love to see Hazard in the Prem, I don't see Man Utd as the right place for him.

He thrives in that CAM/Second Striker role in a 4-2-3-1 / 4-2-1-3 style team, and I can't see Fergie changing his system for one player. Arsenal is very likely if RVP leaves, or Chelsea should they bring in a new manager before he goes.

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RVP knows that at City he's not guaranteed a game, they have Aguero, Tevez, Dzeko, Balotelli, he would be insane to go there. If he doesn't stay at Arsenal, i think he'll go to Spain.

At the end of the day, Hazard is class, going to be world class - these kind of players you can't miss out on even if you already have a good player in those positions. Gotze is the same. Fergie is the perfect manager to make both of them superstars.

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He's better than all those players imo.

But he is injury prone (first season without a bad injury?)- can he keep an on fire Aguero out of the team if he has been out for 3/4 weeks? At Arsenal they'd be dying to get him back in the starting line-up.

I think Aguero has been just as good, bearing in mind its his first season in the EPL.

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Very interesting thing I noticed today. People always complain that La Liga is rubbish because it's a 2 team league and the Prem is much better...uh:

00-01: Real Madrid  / Man Utd

01-02: Valencia    / Arsenal

02-03: Real Madrid  / Man Utd

03-04: Valencia    / Arsenal

04-05: Barcelona    / Chelsea

05-06: Barcelona    / Chelsea

06-07: Real Madrid  / Man Utd

07-08: Real Madrid  / Man Utd

08-09: Barcelona    / Man Utd

09-10: Barcelona    / Chelsea

10-11: Barcelona    / Man Utd

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