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Ha, well if you didn't find that match exciting, you won't find many matches exciting.

Apparently Athletic fans were chanting United songs and swapping shirts with United fans after the game. Everything about that club seems perfect. I think they've become my favourite Spanish club lol.

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Hello all, with the new season's around Europe starting in a couple of weeks and the sad death of Sir Bobby Robson I thought it would be a good time to start a new topic. Obviously Real Madrid and

Ronaldo is ridiculous. Him and Messi are the best ever. Shove Maradonna up your arse

I know Bolton play negatively but jesus, I am sick of the Bolton fans moaning about Megson.  Give him a chance, he has stabilised your club.  Even if he is not the answer you respect that you will be

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Ive always hated bilbao coz my best friend supports them lol, but i gotta admit they are a great team. Especially since they only accept Basque players. Imagine a team in the premier who only have players from... I dont know, essex. Haha.

They also clapped off united fans when they left the stadium :P i guess its easy to be nice when youre beating united lol, but some teams wouldnt even be like that so hats off to them!

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I agree with Adri, there needs to a view somewhere betweem Roux and Scott.

This isn't the worst United squad ever by any means but they have simply not been good enough in Europe this season. United played strong teams in both legs and got turned over and tbh the 5-3 agg score flattered them. I'm not denying Bilbao raised their game, because they clearly did but I think even if United played very close to their best over the two legs they would have still gone out, they were THAT good OVER THE TWO LEGS.

I think we can all recognize the weaknesses in the team, injuries have played a part though.  We're just not as good as we used to be, I don't think City have gotten that much better, I think we've just dropped so much that they look amazing by comparison.  Europe more or less proves this, 4 years ago 3 of 4 semifinalists were english, and the 4th english team only didn't make it because they played one of the other english teams in the quarters.  Take today when only chelsea remain, and probably not for long.  The premier league has dropped in quality, liverpool are far worse now, arsenal are a shadow of themselves, god knows what chelsea are doing and utd are getting weaker as well.  Not saying City aren't any good, but the team they have today in 2008 would have been fighting for a top 4 spot, not looking at a title.

City haven't got that much better??? you are fucking kidding me right? Benjani and Caciedo vs Aguero and Balotelli/Dzeko....yeah reaaallllll close.

The team they have today absolutely pisses over their 2008 team! the strength in depth is immense and in my opinion is unrivalled by any club in the world at the moment, if this squad were together in 2008 it would have a def chance of winning the title.

The league on a whole has got more competitive, yes teams like Chelsea and Liverpool are weaker but look at Spurs? Arsenal have picke dit up as well and with players returning to fitness and a few signings they could be there or there abouts. I'm gonna account this for traditionally mid table teams like Newcastle, Fulham etc and the strength of the promoted teams this season as why its all so close, our league is more competitive now so of course more teams are taking points off the big sides.

Yes we had a bad season in Europe but the English sides will bounce back, it's just one season in a cup competition, anything can happen.

You've made some pretty terrible uninformed points in the last few pages dude.

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I'd love Brendan Rodgers to be United's next manager after Fergie goes, Imagine what he could do with money and better quality players he's fluent in Spanish too, so some Spanish players would be lovely. We'd be fucking lethal.

Athletic were outstanding on and off the pitch, fell in love with them a little bit last night, we should get a friendly going in the Summer, that would be great, before we sign Martinez, Llorente, Muniain and Herrera  :-D

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Man, i hope he gets better. Had to go to a party last night - and that was all i could think about. Must be the scariest thing in the world from those who were on the pitch. Hopefully the lad makes a full recovery and we see him in the Bolton lineup again soon.

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Beating Wolves 3-0 at ht  :-D Evans has been brilliant the last few months and deserves his goal, Tony V has been a massive loss for us, first game back and he scores and sets one up, fucking animal, no messing about doing pointless flicks and skills just pure power.

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Bilbao were amazing vs Utd. In retrospect it makes me pretty satisfied with the 0-0 draw we got at their place last season!

I do actually feel physically sick today at throwing away the League Cup final. Absolutely devastated, was almost in tears.

And the Muamba incident was shocking, like you Roux, I was out last night but I couldn't concentrate on having a good time, he was all I could think about. 23 years old ffs, same age as me  :|

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