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Hello all, with the new season's around Europe starting in a couple of weeks and the sad death of Sir Bobby Robson I thought it would be a good time to start a new topic. Obviously Real Madrid and

I know Bolton play negatively but jesus, I am sick of the Bolton fans moaning about Megson.  Give him a chance, he has stabilised your club.  Even if he is not the answer you respect that you will be

Ronaldo is ridiculous. Him and Messi are the best ever. Shove Maradonna up your arse

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Parker has been brilliant, what a warrior he is, would chop my cock off to have him at United. Oxo cube has played like 5 games or something lol

Gary Neville is the best pundit on the planet.

United youth 3 down against Newcastle come back to win 6-3  :-D Will Keane with 4 goals, get him in the squad next season Fergie, what a talent.

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Parker would be gash for United. Guy is a liability - saw that at the weekend.

just seen this comment on twitter and thought it was spot on!

"Parker over Carrick for PFA Player of the Year shows that in England running to where you're supposed to be is preferable to being there."
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He's fantastic, I actually watch Monday Night Football from 7 till 11 now because of him, when that cunt Gray was on I'd switch off at full time.

Brilliant this is.

I'll be honest I do miss Andy Gray's commentary though.

Can't wait for game tonight.

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not convinced about welbeck being on the PFA thing. cant think of any massive contributions from him, willing to change my mind if anyone can jog my memory.

no one from swansea? no holt or ruddy? both have dug norwich out of some big holes this season on a regular basis!

and totally agree about oxfarm chambermaid, been good when  hes played but does a few guest appearances REALLY warrant him being on the list? hell no.

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Vorm is a beast, and Siggy, he's fucking class that lad, only 22, smashing them in all shapes. Big talk around the City that Rodgers be going in Summer, hope it's false, I don't see who Swansea can bring in to do a job, unless they take back Martinez, I'd be happy with him coming back.

Good game tonight, still think Madrid will go through though.

Reading promoted to Prem, I'm happy for them after losing to Swansea in play off final.

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They need to buy sigurdsson permanently, he completes the offence there.  But for next year swans need someone to replace caulker, and hopefully they buy some other useful players.  I hate when promoted teams just go for a bunch of mediocre players instead of buying more useful players, like hull did with there 40 man first team lol.

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True enough, but Fabio is already going out on loan if you believe the rumours.  Even though they don't have much money they have to commit to staying up if just for the money that would bring, for that reason they need to bring gylfi back permanently, plus he prolly wouldn't cost much.  Add in some more brilliant loan signings like caulker and sigurdsson and they're set.

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