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Halo: Reach

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What we already know: 

Halo Reach will be the first game to utilize DirectX 9.5" features (360 has a modified version of DirectX 9, with some DirectX 10 features).  So expect top of the line console graphics.


It will be a FPS that is slated to release in Fall 2010.

The game will be a prequel to the Halo trilogy, where Reach is the planet that has the second most amount of human settlement (after Earth).  There will be other Spartans fighting aside you on a last ditch effort to save Reach from the Covenant. 

What we can speculate on:

I'm guessing that the graphics will be much more realistic and gritty than previous games.  I'm also curious as to when the storyline will pick up from.  If you read the books, John 117 (the Master Chief) was picked up by the UNSC from a very early age and was trained and physically manipulated with plenty of other kids to become Spartans (aka super soldiers).  I'm wondering if Bungie is going to start from the beginning and have you go through the training processes, the military drills, discovering the threat of the Covenant, and those first few missions against the Covenant (SPOILERS:  like when John, Kelly, and Samuel plant the bomb on the ship and Samuel sacrifices himself to get the mission done). 

Eric Nylund, the author of The Fall of Reach, has paved the way for a great story for Bungie to interpret and create as a great prequel to a fantastic series.

As for gameplay, I hope they change things up a lot because the basic Halo formula is becoming stale.  I'm not sure what they could do, possibly adding a cover system or changing the HUD might be refreshing.  Obviously we are going to see familiar weapons and vehicles, but they could easily add more and add more tactical gameplay because you will be fighting alongside other Spartans that are your equals (as apposed to just marines or ODST). 

I also hope the online multiplayer is much more epic and war based.  I want to see at least 32 players online, and maybe the option to play as the Covenant or the Spartans/ODST.  It would be awesome to have huge maps with a large scope, like Battlefield or Operation Flashpoint, as apposed to the basic Halo arena styled multiplayer.

What are your thoughts on this game?

I'll update this thread after I've played the beta :)

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halo odst is in hand. hey casey i totally bought the strategy guide too wanna hook up and get all the achievements in under 10 minutes?! thats the cool thing to do

yeah mang, then our e-cocks will be so much bigger!

achievements = more valuable than beautiful women, money, and any other type of real success in life! obviously.

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you fan boy..haha

im glad that there re doing the engine, i guess odst is using the halo 3 engine and the game doesnt look much better. if this next game can wow me with physics and ground breaking graphics, hell ya

yeah the multiplayer part is literally exactly the same. except all the maps are on one disc. and the campaign plays just like the halo 3 one. (graphics and feel wise)

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Halo Reach will be the first game to utilize DirectX 9.5" features (360 has a modified version of DirectX 9, with some DirectX 10 features).  So expect top of the line console graphics.

whats that?

DirectX 11 improves multi-threading support to assist video game developers in developing games that better utilize multi-core processors - the Xbox 360 uses three cores.

It just makes games run better and smoother, and Halo: Reach will be the first Xbox 360 game to use some of DirectX 11's features (not all of them, of course), but there are already a few PC games that use full DirectX 11 (DiRT 2 comes to mind).

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i played Halo 3 once online with a friend and EVERYONE was yelling at me because i sucked so bad. im pretty sure i made one guy cry. i dont know i couldnt get used to guys jumping 12 feet in the air and nailing me as a drove by on a car.

Hahah, it is true, Halo has an incredibly annoying community for the most part.  I've been playing since the original came out in 2001 so I'm probably one of those people that were tearing you apart :D

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