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What are you playing?

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Was gonna go back and finish LA Noire (was up to Vice) BUT MY SAVE FILES ARE ALL GONE!!! SO MAD!!!!!

So I re-installed Planescape Torment and I'm gonna play that, pretty awesome game. Also got Kingdoms of Amalur and a computer controller on the way in the mail this week, plus the F1 game, so hopefully those are fun  :lol:

I'm kind of tempted to go back to WoW and start playing before the new expansion comes out...but I really shouldn't...aaaaaaah

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just completed Final Fantasy 8

Nicely done.

I've been playing a couple of different games lately. Slowly getting in to Guild Wars 2, just taking it easy and not getting too caught up in it. Also finished Deponia the other day which was great, started Stacking which is fun, and finally started L.A. Noire which seems awesome so far.

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The new Demolition mode is pretty good. One of the problems in Counter-Strike 1.6 & Source was getting shot in the head early on and having to wait for what seemed like forever for the round to end. But then again this has always been one of the game's attractions. The Demolition mode fixes this problem with small maps and a 1.5-minute time limit: it's faster than the classic mode but not too fast for a CS game.

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you know, I've only met one other person who couldn't stand super smash bros. Next day he got hit by a car in the high school parking lot.

I'm the same way! I totally see why people dig it, but there's no game I hate playing more.

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FIFA 13 demo, COD 4, and now that this new DLC is out for Battlefield 3 I'll probably start playing that again too.

The FIFA 13 demo is pretty solid, the first touch thing annoyed me at first but I'm getting the hang of it now. Wish they had included a La Liga club or even just lengthened the halves to 5 min but hey that's just me being picky about it.

Looking forward to Halo 4 later this fall. Gonna pick up that and NCAA Football 13 once I start making some money.

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