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i started up ocarina of time again. beat the deku tree in like 15 min lol played some Cod 4. and went 31 and 2 with just the barrett on crash (always one of my favorite maps) i'm really surprised though that there were only about 9000 players active on cod 4. they had a lot of hardcore followers during waw but i guess mw2 was enough to switch them over

Crash is the map with the crashed helicopter in the middle of the small town?

And I think more of the CoD4 fanbase will have moved to MW2 after Christmas.

Ocarina of Time is a sick sick game.  I just replayed Link to the Past a few weeks ago, probably my favourite Zelda game just above OoT.  Still need to play Twilight Princess though.

twilight princess is a great game. seriously amazing. i think my favorite zelda is links awakening the first gameboy zelda followed by link to the past. but so many of the others are definitely great


I just couldn't get into Twilight Princess.  I played the first dungeon and some of the wolf segments a couple years ago on my Wii, but then I just kind of gave up.  I'll probably go back to it soon enough.

Links Awakening was awesome too.  I had fond memories of skipping school and playing that game at recess with my friend, I remember that huge crow boss.

The most underrated Zelda game has to be Majora's Mask though, it was pretty cool with all the masks and the darker tone to the franchise.  I think it was also the first time Zelda had side-quests.

Majora's Mask was a really great game. One thing that made the game more fun and longer was collecting all the masks to get the fierce deity mask, which made the battle with majora's incarnation so easy

LOVED Majora's Mask, probably the darkest Zelda game made, especially when you think about it, if you were to do as much as you could in your final 3 days where you actually defeat Majora and go on to a new day, you realize that there were people that you were unable to help before you left.  On top of the idea that the moon was coming down to crash and destroy an entire village.  Loved that game, so crazy that gannondorf/gannon had no part in that game, and the only mention of Zelda was remembering the tune she taught you on the ocarina.

Also, Twilight Princess on the wii was awesome, yes Link is right handed, but thats so when you swing the sword with the wiimote it doesn't look fucked up.  I loved the wii controls for that game.

Anyways, I beat Silent Hill Shattered Memories, amazing game and amazing story, I highly recommend it, very scary, the only game I can think of where you can't defeat the zombie like creatures, only run like hell, making it super intense and freaky.

I don't know why I stopped playing Twilight Princess.  I think I got stuck near the beginning and never really went back.

I need to give my Wii some more love.  Twilight Princess and NSMB are on my to-play list.  I also have a shit ton of Virtual Console games I need to replay.

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Currently playing: Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure. Fun action-adventure/puzzle game on the DS. A lot better than I expected. Also been playing a lot of CS Source Gun Game servers. So much fun.

I have such a large backlog though for my 360.

Mass Effect, Orange Box, Blue Dragon, Lost Planet. I personally want to get through Mass Effect the most as the new one looks like it's going to be kick ass, but I died twice at a damn Geth ambush about 2 hours in and got pissed off. Orange Box, I finished Half-Life 2 and started on Episode 1, but wasn't super impressed so kinda put it to the side. Blue Dragon, wow, I'm just terrible at RPGs. I bought it hearing it's an easier RPG, but nope, I'm terrible at it. And Lost Planet, I just can't beat the first boss for some reason. It's not hard, but I keep dying.

As for PC, I have Mirror's Edge to get through.

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I just rented Rainbow 6 Vegas 2.  I didnt have a ton of time to play it before I had to leave for work.  I am still in the first part, not even in Vegas yet.  But I loved the first one so I imagine I will love this one too.

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Is it any different from the first one? 

besides a sprint button, not really. the final battle was just dumb

Well, I liked the first one so, I am not worried.

only things i liked about vegas was being able to rank up your character no matter which mode you played and the ability to choose the map you played

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Got a PS3 for xmas and some games.

Rock Band 2

Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

The Simpsons Game

Spider-Man 3 (Collectors Edition)

Star Wars Force Unleashed (Ultimate Sith Edition)

Tonÿ Hawks Proving Ground

Tomb Raider Underworld

Been playing my old PS1 games too. Gonna guy some more off the Playstation Network Store.

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I used to play alot of Enemy Territory =) super rad game

Easily one of the best team objective FPS ever.  Are you talking about Enemy Territory: Wolfenstein or Quake Wars?

Wolfenstein was the shit.  Some of the best maps in any FPS, and all the classes had great advantages/disadvantages.  God damn I loved that game, levelling up and unlocking the dual colt's was always fun.

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