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Any chances of getting some of these releases up on the site?

Not just on the #blinkReBels channel?

There might be a chance I can download some of the releases from IRC and upload them on mediafire or something.

I'm getting a fast internet connection with fast upload (don't really know how fast yet) in a couple of days..

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What kind of release are we looking at? Old ones, or new ones?

There is going to be over 37GB of bRB releases served on IRC by a 100mbit Bot thanks to #AstehniA

Totalling over 340 releases.

I am in the process of upload them all at the moment, but in the coming weeks they will be available.



Idle til then :)

So I guess we will have all kinds of releases, mostly old.

Depends on what is 'old' though.

bRB did maybe 10 releases (not sure) from 2005-2009 because blink was on a hiatus, so imo everything pre-2005 is old.

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Oh I thought you fell off the Earth!

Anyways come to the channel or the site we need to regroup.

Well I basically did for a while, or grew up!  No idea if I could even use iRC but I'll try and get back on soon.  I found the discs so have spent the last few days watching some old rips, good times.

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