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The Official FIFA World-Cup 2010 Thread


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France have great players in that team mind, Evra is God for a start. the manager is gash that's the problem

few brill players look to be out of worlc cup  :cry: pissing me off.

Beckham, Robben (looks that way), Ferdinand, Drogba, Essien to name a few  :-(

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Less than a week!!!!!!!

Question to the more in tune with national teams.  I watched the USA-AUS match and I was wondering if AUS is any good?  I only follow the Philly Union except around world cup time so I never have any idea how good some teams are except for the obvious ones.

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i wathced that Dan other night on BBC3, was a good laugh. especially that American ddue taking a piss by the bench lmao

Nani is out of world cup now  :cry: loads of good players are gonna be missing. was looking forward to seeing him too

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