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The tennis thread

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Guest Millzy

Murray was practicing at Queens Club today. Getting in as much practice on grass before AEGON tournament and then Wimbledon. C'mon Murray!!

Look how good the courts at Queens are looking:


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Im not gonna make a thread coz only 5 people would post lol, so ill do it here: Post your 5 favourite tennis players (current and old) and say why if you feel like it:

1. Rafa Nadal - He's Spanish. He might not be the most talented, but he fights like a beast. He's gonna be the best on clay in history, if he's not already. Im also a bit gay for him :-D


2. Pete Sampras - My favourite player when I was a kid. Loved how easy he made it: service and volley.


3. Roger Federer - The best ever imo. Seeing him play is like watching ballet. He looks like he doesnt even do the smallest effort. Beautiful.


4. Alex Corretja - One of the best Spanish players on clay. Reached two Roland Garros finals, sucks he didnt win any! Met him personally and hes super nice.


5. Bjorn Borg - Have only seen him play in my dads videos. He is his favourite player, the reason why he started playing, and I started playing coz of my dad... so I guess he's the reason I love tennis haha.


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Guest Millzy

1 - Tim Henman


2 - Andy Murray


3 - Roger Federer


4 - Andy Roddick


5 - John McEnroe


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1. Andy Murray - love him!!!


2. Lindsay Davenport - always loved her since i was a kid, love her so much lol


3. Andy Roddick - my fave before Murray came along


4. Tim Henman - pure entertainment


5. Nadal - love the power and fight from the lad


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1. Lleyton Hewitt - pure aggression, he fights for every single point.


2. Rafael Nadal - awesome power


3. Anna Kournikova - rubbish tennis player, but fine as wine


4. Andre Agassi - legend


5. Pete Sampras - the complete player


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Guest Millzy

Played tennis again today. Was playing quite well. Won 1st set 7-6 and it was 3-3 when we finished. Some stupid pricks on the footy pitch next to us were shouting stuff at us all the time as we were playing and it was getting so fuckin annoying. So we challenged the 3 of them to a football match to shut em up, 2 vs 3. When we were 6-0 up they started to get a bit dirty and started kicking out at us. Felt good they had to resort to shit like that cos they were getting humiliated by me and my 17yr old brother. Won 10-1 in the end and I smashed their ball over some wall into a chicken garden of some sort. They werent happy haha.

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I just got into tennis a few years ago.  I didn't play in high school, but looking back on it now, I really wish I did.  That being said, I don't have a top 5 yet, just a few.

Rafa is my fav.  Like Adri said, def have a man crush on him haha. 


Fed would pry be my 2nd fav.  Love watching him play because he is so smooth too.  Him and Rafa can cover so much ground, it is ridiculous.


Anna Kournikova.  She is decent and damn good looking.


John Isner.  American player who is 6'9".  Haven't been able to watch much of him, but I enjoy when I get to.  Sick serve, but that is about the best part of his game. 


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