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listening to new linkin park and...

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after jamming the whole album (skipped like three or four tracks cause they were all talking) I decided that i like TWO songs, and not enough to listen every day, or every month even.


10 years ago i woulda figured they were either gonna be broken up or like a metal band, not some poppy crap that isn't dual vocals etc... garbage

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Saying 'this is weird' is a too gentile way to say 'this album sucks too much to be considered a LP album', knowing that it comes from a band that recorded Hybrid Theory.

I can't understand why the fuck they did this. No way. I could have been expecting DJ shit, re-remixing their old songs, a more metal influenced album, a more rock influenced album... I don't know. But this?

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I used to love Linkin Park. Hybrid Theory, Reanimation, even Meteora were my favourite albums OF ALL TIME.

I was sitting on edge the whole time I was waiting for Minutes to Midnight to be released. Then when it finally leaked... So gutted... So... So gutted.

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