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The Office Season 7


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Well I for one am very excited about this season, I feel it has a lot of potential. Plus even though the office was great during seasons 2-3 i still enjoyed 4-6. This show continues to be my favorite. Anyone else excited for the premiere this thursday? over at officetally.com or nbc they've got a bunch of preview clips. I only watched one because I don't wanna spoil for me. But I had to watch the preview for the cold open which looks awesome. You can check it here


it's supposed to be like these new lipdub videos that have become some sort of thing now. they're shot all in one shot, check out this vid of one done entirely backwards. Theres a poster of Dwight that a kid crosses out in this vid. This is shorewood highschool and Rainn attended Shorecrest highschool, which is the school that challenged shorewood to a lipdub contest or what not. So thats a theory why maybe the office is doing their own lipdub

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I don't have huge expectations for this season, but as long as its as good as 6, I'll be content, just don't give us another season 4.  5 has to be the best since season 3, which of course is on another level of its own. 

Still I think the show should end when Carrel leaves, don't belabor it, you know?

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about which story the GPS? either way most comedy shows end up going down an "unrealistic route". You can't tell me seinfeld was totally realistic, and thats one of the best shows ever.

Seinfeld did have unrealistic moments, and that's why people completely bitched about them while the show was airing. But after time, people stopped caring as much. But I still hear people complain about season 9. Which they agree was really funny, but lost some of the original charm.

Also, The Office is no Seinfeld.

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