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Make a superband involving Hoppus and Barker.

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3 hours ago, Speedos discord said:

Man that's sad.  Mark, Tavis, Skiba would have been a great side band though, able to make their own music expectation free, just not Blink.

The more time that passes, the more ridiculous replacing a co-lead of a trio, and still calling it the same bad is not a possibility.  Even when thinking of a more contrasting co-lead aside Mark on vocals, it still would feel weird calling it Blink.  They need to start a new band completely, have Tom back in some capacity, or have Mark only songs with some features here and there to call it blink.

Yea they really are one of those bands where it’s just not the same without either member. That goes for Travis too. I mean, watch the footage of Brooks Wackerman when he played overseas with Mark and Tom. Brooks is a great drummer in his own right, actually he’s technically better than Travis. But he just doesn’t bring the same energy and the songs don’t sound quite the same without Travis on the throne. No Tom, no Mark, no Travis, and it’s just not blink. Especially without Tom or Mark. We just took what we could get when they continued with Skiba because it’s better than nothing. 

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