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The Dark Knight Rises

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this disappoints me

i don't like the name

i want something without "dark knight" in the title

let that movie stand on its own

and i was REALLY hoping for a jgl riddle like it was rumored on imdb

then again, i haven't seen a nolan film that i haven't liked so i'm sure they know what they're doing

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This makes me happy.

it sucks that its the last one :(

true but if its just as good as BB and TDK its gonna be an amazing trilogy. Its gotta be better than any of the other shit we got, like Batman Forever and Batman and Robin haha. This trilogy for me is what batman is all about

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I really wanted harvey dent to come back somehow.. but he's clearly dead and they can't be messing with some scifi at this point.

well its not clear that he's dead, at the end we see him and batman fall together. harvey lays still on the ground as gordon stays there with him. then batman leaves, and we see what appears to be a "funeral" for dent. But why can't it just be a fake funeral? What if Dent were still alive, and they locked him up in arkham because he's become this psychotic revenge seeker now. Wouldn't wanna tarnish his name for the public so instead of letting them know he has become this monster, they fake his death and he goes down in the publics eyes as a hero. Meanwhile he's locked up in arkham. Can totally be pulled off, and it makes sense.

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