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Foo Fighters - Wasting Light


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God damn, i wish i was in Sweden last night. After that talkshow thing, they did a secret show in Stockholm. Here's the "Small" setlist:

Bridge Burning


Dear Rosemary

White Limo


These Days

Back and Forth

Matter of Time

Miss The Misery

I Should Have Known


All My Life

Times Like These


Up in Arms

My Hero

Long Road to Ruin

Cold Day in the Sun

Big Me

Learn to Fly

Enough Space


Stacked Actors

Skin and Bones

Best of You

Monkey Wrench

Hey, Johnny Park!




For All The Cows

The Pretender


This is a Call

33 songs, 3 hour concert!! WTF

i saw this set, it was the fucking dick, amazing.

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out of white limo, rope, and burnin bridges, burning bridges is the only song that i've really "dug" so far. i just like the heavy more progressive songs they do. rope isnt bad at all but its not as good as others and white limo isnt my favorite because i really like grohls singing voice more than his screaming

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